Tuesday, December 7, 2010

DIY Christmas Gift #1 - accessories display

I have been working on a number of homemade Christmas gifts this season.  Some of them are turning out really great, but I can't post them until after I give the gifts.  I don't want to ruin the surprise! In this case I already ruined the surprise (it's hard to keep secrets from my twin sister even about her own gifts) so I figured I may as well post it!
My sister and her friend Nicole have a business making cute hair accessories for little girls.  They often sell at craft fairs so I thought I could make displays for their clips as a fun practical gift.  Becca, Lauren, and I were sharing craft project ideas and Lauren told me about a way to make a cake stand out of plates and glasses.  This seemed like the perfect concept with a little bit of modification to work as clip holders.
Basically I just went to Value Village and Goodwill and found plates, bowls, and glasses that I liked.  Then I picked up epoxy at Michael's.  I washed and dried all of the dishes and decided the layout that I wanted.  After that I very simply applied the epoxy to the glasses and stuck them to the plates.  Then I put books on top while they dried.  So simple!
I think they will make a fun and dynamic display.  Have you been working on any crafty gifts this season?

**I have been getting a lot of hits on my DIY Christmas gift posts.  If this post helped you please comment and let me know!   


  1. kira!

    these turned out so cute! especially the little yellow flower one.... now i kind of want to make one for myself :).

  2. They are too cute and I will definitely use them! Thanks Kira!

  3. what a great idea and they are so beautiful! my mother in law would love something like this, she always has a candy dish on her dinner table and this would be a pretty alternative!

  4. So cute! Love that you are recycling at the same time. I want one for all the jewelry Andy's makes - that would be a perfect display. Well...not in our HouseCar but when we get an actual brick/mortar home :)


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