Friday, January 7, 2011

Denver Trip Post #4 Friends and the Wedding

Jeremy has known the family we went to visit in Denver since he was a kid.  The only daughter in the family of five kids was getting married.  It was the perfect opportunity for Jeremy to visit the whole family in one place and catch up with them. One of the siblings, Craig, is Jeremy's best friend and was his best man at our wedding.  I have had the opportunity to get to know him and his lovely wife Mary, but I had not met the rest of the family previously.  It was also really exciting to see their baby girl for the first time!
Craig and Mary
Craig's family actually lived in the house that we own now when they were kids.  Jeremy used to come over and play games all the time.  Growing up with this family was part of the draw for Jeremy when we saw the house was up for sale.  He had so many fond memories of his time spent here. 
We took a bunch of photos of the house with us so we could show them what we have done with the place.  It was fun to look through their old photos as well to see what our house looked like over a decade ago.
Everyone in the family was so kind.  I loved getting to know all of them and their significant others.  We played a lot of games and ate more ice cream cake than anyone ever should.
Desiree and Zack after they were just pronounced husband and wife!
The wedding day was beautiful.  It snowed all day long, but was really cold.  The low during the day was about 2°F.  I had packed an outfit to wear, but after doing wedding set-up I knew it would be too cold inside the building for it.  We took a trip to Target and I picked up a sweater last minute and made that work with a skirt I brought.
Sweater : Target
Skirt: Anthropologie
Tights: Kohl's
Boots: Steve Madden
Necklace: from my grandmother
This is us at the reception.  Jeremy picked up his shirt and tie at Target, too. 
 We really appreciate the family including us in so much of the planning and activities related to the wedding that week.  We enjoyed our time spent with them.  Also, I wanted to share with you a game that Dwight (one of the siblings) and his girlfriend taught us.  It's called "Telephone Pictionary."  Basically everyone just sits in a circle with a stack of paper.  Each person writes a saying on one of the pieces of paper and then hands the stack to the next person.  Then that person reads it and tries to draw the saying.  They then hand it to the next person who looks at the drawing and writes a phrase based off of what they see.  It goes all the way around the circle until your original stack is back in your hand.  Then you go through and share the results.  It's pretty hilarious.
We played the game again after we got back.  Jeremy loved this one so much it is now on our refrigerator.  He tried to stump me by putting the phrase "It's the best" because he thought it would be really hard to draw.  I'm just too good though.

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  1. oooh!

    that sounds like a super fun game. i think i may have to suggest that the next time we're playing games with friends :).

    and i love that you guys bought jeremy's friend's house - i bet that's so much fun for him :).


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