Friday, January 28, 2011

The Oregon Trail

The best video game ever is The Oregon Trail.  When I was a kid we would get an hour for "computer class" which just consisted of our class going into the lab full of Apple computers (which look completely ancient now) to play games.  I thought the best part of the game was to put the names of the mean boys in my travel party.  I would have a little giggle if they ended up with dysentery or a snakebite.

I heard yesterday that a new version of The Oregon Trail game is going to be on Facebook.  I have never played a game on Facebook before and I hope to not get sucked into it, but I could see this happening to me.  After I found this out I got all nostalgic and started looking up the old game.  Apparently you can get the old version here and play it for free!  This is exciting news.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Haha! Love this! I downloaded a free Oregon Trail app on the Iphone a little while ago:-) Such fun memories of computer class back in elementary school! My ox always died though and crossing the river was the worst.

  2. I totally agree...I loved playing Oregon Trail in computer class! I also remember a game called Odell Lake with lots of fish swimming around and trying not to get eaten by the bigger fish.


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