Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Paper Crowns

 This weekend Jeremy and I attended a Twelfth Night themed party.  We were supposed to wear a crown and were encouraged to make our own.  I decided to go with subtle paper crowns as I had no idea how into it people would get. 
I started off by measuring our heads.  Apparently my head is larger.  Then I drew the crown shapes in Illustrator, printed them on card stock, and glued the ends together.  It was a very simple process.
Jeremy asked that his not look "girly" so I made him a very basic crown with just one center point.  We added Blazers logos because he is such a big fan and the colors matched what he was going to wear.
 It's really quite hard to take a photo of the back of your head.
I wore this clip in my hair and I had a bunch of blue fabric left so I figured why not make a crown that matched?  I pinned the fabric up on the wall and took the below photo of it.
I didn't even iron it.  You can actually see the wrinkles in the crown.  It was a quick project so I decided not to care.
I filled the crown form outline in Illustrator with the polka dot print from my photo.  Then I printed it out and assembled the crown.  It seemed a bit too plain for me so I stitched a cluster of buttons on the side.  I backed it with felt so there was structure behind the paper to stitch through.  It was a simple, quick, and fun project.
I was loving our crowns until we arrived at the party and realized that most people went completely over the top with theirs.  There was a lot of gold spray paint and glitter involved in many of the creations.  A lot of people tried to make the tallest crowns they possibly could.  Some even had crowns lit up with LEDs.  I wish I had photos to show you.  There were so many impressive creations at that party.  Maybe next time we won't be so tentative. 


  1. I think your crowns were amazing! So creative, simple, and fun. I want an excuse to do a project with my 3rd graders like that. Hmmmm, where could I find something about crowns in the state standards...

  2. i like your sweet crowns. understated is sometimes best.

  3. man! LED's! that's legit! i personally like your subtle little paper crowns :).

    oh...and today's hair challenge was the messy yarn bun....courtesy of your suggestion :). thanks friend!

  4. I love how you did your hair with the clip. So cute!


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