Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bone Collection Owl USB Flash Drive

I always lose my USB flash drives.  It's annoying that I save files on flash drives because I don't want to lose them and then I lose the stupid flash drive.  They are too small and thin and are generally not very colorful.  My purse is an endless abyss of books, accessories, and receipts so I really need something that is easy to find.

Today I came across a post on Cool Hunting about all of the products Bone Collection has to offer.  I decided to check out their site and I was really excited to come across this little product.  It's a plastic cover for USB flash drives.  This would make my flash drives so much easier to find! Plus, I really love owls.  They have a lot of other fun options to check out as well.


  1. Oh my word! They are so cute. I want one and need one! It's pretty much a must:-) Thanks for sharing Kira! xoxo

  2. baha, i love this. need it. haha ..pronto. :]


  3. ummm those are way cute.
    I need one.


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