Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentine's Gift

Jeremy surprised me with a pretty sweet gift this year.  A closet!  We moved into our house about a year ago and completely remodeled our bedroom, but had not gotten to the master bathroom or the closet.  My clothes have been spread throughout the house in three different small closets.

Jeremy had been secretly working on the closet in the master bedroom for the last couple of weeks.  I just never thought of opening the door because as far as I knew it was still a mess.  Last Saturday after getting home from my cousin's dance team competition I mentioned that our bedroom smelled like paint.  He said that it must have been the WD-40 he sprayed on the french doors.  I totally bought it.  The closet was a complete surprise, and it fits all of my clothes!
I felt bad handing him new packages of underwear after I saw this.


  1. What a great gift!! A bit organized closet is a girls best friend ;)

  2. That is awesome! Seriously, for a girl, that is the best gift ever, what a sweetheart! Now you can have all of your clothes in 1 place! Lucky girl!

  3. nice!! what a great gift! I asked for a cat door to be put into the mud room. it hasn't happened yet...

  4. That's so cute! I'm sure he still enjoyed his underwear, plus it was wrapped all cute :)

  5. what an amazing gift! I can't believe you had no idea! what a super husband you have! i could really use a bigger closet right about now...

  6. wow! That's awesome!
    I love my husband but he is not that sneaky! There is no way he could do that without me noticing! Mad props to your man!


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