Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Portland Timbers Ad Campaign

 I'm not much of a soccer fan, but I want to be.  The Portland Timbers will soon be playing their first season as an MLS franchise, and they are ramping up their advertising.  I think it's one of the coolest ad campaigns I have seen in some time.

Their billboards feature local Timbers fans holding saws, axes, and chainsaws while wearing their game faces.  To me, it looks like a very "Portland" campaign, and I think it even resonates with those of us who have never been to a Timbers game.  The fans look like fun people so I have a hunch the games are pretty fun, too.  The Timbers website has a post about the campaign as well as profiles on some of their fans turned models here.
You can view the rest of the photos on Lisa's Flickr page.  She was nice enough to let me share a few with you.  If you are interested on where they are placed around the city she has the location called out with each photo.

Jeremy and I are going to check out a few games this coming season. I'm excited!


  1. I have always wondered what the heck those billboards were advertising! they are so cool, but i never knew what to expect Spring 2011... thanks for cluing me in!

  2. They are featuring the Timbers Army...the games are SOOOO much fun. The most fun I have ever had a sporting event. We hope to take the boys to a few too. We got to host the Timbers for a week of theri preseason training. pretty neato.

  3. We want to check out a game too! At first I thought it was an ad campaign for a clothing company or something:-)

  4. I saw the one with the girl in the red flannel shirt this week and thought to myself "that's really cute" then I realized it was for the TImbers and now I want to go to a game because there are cute people there...haha. Pretty good if they can suck girls into sporting events (well girls like me at least who could care less really.) But I really do want to go and watch a match/game/whatever. :)

  5. You all should come out, the most fun you will have at a sporting event! Much love for the boys on the pitch and supporters in the stands.

  6. My husband and I LOVE rating billboard ads. We pretty much act like we're marketing executives like, "Gosh, that billboard was rubbish, and here's why..." or "What a highly effective billboard, lets discuss its strong points for the next 3 miles" These ads are awesome!

    Thanks for your sweet comment about my guest post on the fills4thrills blog! It made me feel great to know that someone else enjoyed reading it, because I had a blast writing it!

  7. i want to go to timbers games this year. i took craig for his bday a couple years ago and it was really fun.

    also....i love the 3rd ad down. that girl is ridiculously pretty!

  8. Did you guys end up going to any games? We love going! This year we are thinking about going to some reserve matches instead so they won't be as crazy for the little guy. But, he already has his gear!


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