Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Seeing pom poms...

There seems to be a daily limit to my creativity.  I eventually hit a point where I just don't have it anymore.  So that means that this week I will not be doing any crafty projects.  Work has consumed all of my creative energy.  It is the most fun and exciting part of the season at work right now, but it is also the most exhausting.  I think things will be back to normal come Friday. 

My head is so far into accessories land that I see knit pom poms when I close my eyes.  This reminds me that I've seen a lot of pom poms being used in home decor recently and I think it's totally cute.  You can find these on etsy..


  1. yay for creative jobs! as long as you have a crafty outlet somewhere, you're golden :).

  2. pom poms are the cutest! i love that they are made out of ALL sorts of materials like tissue paper, yarn, and you can even find flowers shaped like pom poms!


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