Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Perceptions of my Dog

This weekend we had a birthday party at our house for Jeremy's parents.  They have the same birthday, isn't that cute?  Anyway, at the party we played Telephone Pictionary because we have decided this is the best family game ever.  When it came time to write down our phrases, I had just noticed that my dog Roxy had gone into the bathroom.  She goes in there and hides when people are making lots of noise.  Since it was fresh on my mind I wrote "Roxy hides in the bathroom" as my phrase.
I learned that certain people in the family have very different views on what Rox looks like.  Some of them were almost offensive to me.  I think she is beautiful.  Here is that round of Telephone Pictionary in its entirety...

Jeremy's cousin calls her "boxy" hence the box shaped dog.
This is definitely my favorite sweet little drawing of Rox.
About now was when I felt a little offended.
I'm very glad the next person didn't recognize the fat dog as Roxy.  Check out the new "dog's" nose.
I agree, it does look like an armadillo.  Not sure about the coins.
For reference, this is what Roxy actually looks like...


  1. Oh my word, this is the funniest thing ever! I am literally laughing out loud right now. Sooo funny! :)

  2. awwww! roxy is so cute! and i love pictionary. good call for a family game :).

  3. We LOVE that game! Our small group with church has played it several times. It's fun to see how it ends. We would love to see you guys! I think Jeremy would enjoy Blake a little more now, he is much more interactive!

  4. awwww - poor Roxy! Lol - too funny! What is up with that nose though, seriously?! Lol

  5. haha cute pics!! That is cute they share the same birthday, but then I am not sure if I want to share my day with my husband, ya know? haha Your dog is adorable!!

  6. Haha poor Rox! This game is the best...it always makes me laugh so much! I like that the last one ends in a question mark...kind of like they knew it was ridiculous but had no other choice.

  7. hahaha I love that game! I only learned it in the last year but now I play it every chance I get! The results are always hilarious!!
    I love how that one ended! Soooo funny! I'll have to post some of mine next time I play!

  8. Haha that was so funny, thanks for sharing!
    By the way, Roxy is adorable :)

  9. hahahaha!
    i just about DIED laughing at "fat dog poops" and "armadillo poops out coins"!
    Ian's family loves playing this game too--it's so fun!


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