Monday, March 21, 2011

Showering in the Dark

This weekend Jeremy pretty much devoted all of his time to working on the bathroom remodel.  Besides a couple of Home Depot runs I spent my time on the couch lounging around with the dogs.
The girls hanging out.
Jeremy was doing electrical work Friday and Saturday so he had the breaker turned off overnight and into the morning on Saturday.  It turns out that for some reason both of our bathrooms are on the same switch so even the useable bathroom was dark.  I had to get my headlamp out for any bathroom trips in the middle of the night.
Even though it was light outside Saturday morning when I got into the shower, our bathroom was still really dark.  It has no windows and is set back pretty far from any light.  Jeremy was still in bed so I had to come up with a way to see while I was in the shower that did not include wearing a headlamp because A. that is weird and B. I didn't think my headlamp should be submerged in water.  I couldn't find a flashlight so I turned my headlamp on and set it on the counter and lit a few candles.  It was still pretty dark in there, and since the fan wasn't working, there was a weird misty fog all around me while I showered.  It was quite creepy.
Candles lit and headlamp on for my shower.  It was a lot darker in there than this picture shows since the camera had a flash.
I'm glad the electrical work is done now.


  1. yeah that would be a little creepy!! I haven't take a shower in the dark haha im always afraid there might be someone on the other side waiting for me or knowing myhusband he would try and scare me on purpose!

  2. showering in the dark is so hard! i've had to do it a couple times whenever the power went out and I HAD to shower. it's especially hard to shave because i can never see where I've already shaved and where I haven't!


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