Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Surprise Story and the Bathrom

My mother-in-law, Amy is pretty notorious for spilling secret beans.

We told our family about the baby a couple of weeks before we told anyone else.  Amy was kind of the wildcard on our list, but it turns out others were not so perfect at keeping the secret, either.  She wanted to tell someone so badly, but really wanted to keep our secret so she told her doctor.

We all thought it was pretty funny that she went out of her way to tell someone who wouldn't know us at all so the word wouldn't spread.  She just had to tell someone!

Amy and I were talking about doctors this weekend and I mentioned I had Kaiser Permanente which means the doctor I regularly see will not be the doctor that delivers our baby.  I also happened to mention that my doctor is actually a nurse practitioner.

She started acting very curious and asked what clinic I go to so I told her.  Then she asked my doctor's name.

Turns out we have the same doctor!  Even though she went out of her way to tell someone who she was sure would know nothing about the situation, she ended up telling one of the few other people who already knew!

This was just really hilarious to me.

Completely unrelated to that story, I am enjoying playing the pregnancy card on the master bathroom remodel.  Jeremy usually asks me to help with his house projects and generally I don't really want to, but I feel obligated.  This time around he hasn't even asked.  Here are some before photos of the room:
 Clearly, it's a starting from scratch kind of job.  Notice the hole in the floor.  Jeremy's plan is to have the room finished in two weeks just working evenings and weekends.  Looking at these photos I have no idea how that is possible, but the man is a genius.  A handy husband is truly a blessing!


  1. thats too funny you have the same doctor! yay for a bathroom remodel! I hope you are feeling well now you are pregnant!!

  2. That's really funny. Good luck to Jeremy.

  3. lol, great story! Yes, play that pregnancy card lots! ;) I did, it was fun specially when you wanted a cheeseburger at 1am hehe

  4. That is too funny! Hope the bathroom remodel goes well, can't wait to see pictures of it finished!

  5. who is your dr? I had a NP with Oliver and a Midwife with Henri, both at Rockwood and had the boys at Sunnyside. Super nice facility and I think close to you.
    I really liked my doc/nurses there.

  6. That's a great story about your mom-in-law! I wasn't as patient as you, and I started telling people when we were like 8 weeks along. But considering I knew at 5 weeks, that's pretty good for me! I was telling strangers right away though! lol. Grocery clerks, baristas, gas attendants.. whoever would listen! Haha... xoxo so excited for you!!


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