Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend in Review

This weekend was a really fun one.  Jeremy and I have kind of been hermits lately, which is just fine in my opinion, but it was definitely time to get out of the house! 
My fancy shoes. Photo credit.
On Friday night I put on my fancy shoes and attended the Power of the Purse charity event and live auction to support Girls Inc.  It was so much fun!  I didn't win anything in the silent auction, and I couldn't afford to bid on anything in the live auction, but the whole auction experience was thrilling.
I also chatted with one of my favorite ex-Trail Blazers, Terry Porter.  That was so exciting for me!  I was looking at silent auction items and he was all of a sudden standing next to me so I said his name, he looked at me, and I just started talking.  I told him silly things about how I was a guard when I was a little kid and really looked up to him.  He was very nice and chatted with me for a while.  I was so nervous, but it was just so cool for me to have an actual conversation with that guy.  He was there because he and his wife worked with designer Adam Arnold on a couple of travel bags to auction off at the event.
During the live auction they had girls from the organization who had won an essay competition model the purses.  They were so cute and sassy.  At the end of the runway each girl took the microphone and told everyone about what they wanted to be when they grew up and why.  I loved to hear all of their varied responses and it was clear that this program does a fantastic job of empowering girls from all different backgrounds and walks of life.  It was quite inspiring.
If you would like to support this organization, there is a really easy way to do that this month.  The t-shirt brand tanQ creates a different t-shirt each month for a charity.  For that month all of the proceeds from the t-shirt go to that organization.  This month they created one for Girl's Inc. (see photo above).  If you buy one of these good looking shirts all of the proceeds will go to the organization.  Their graphics are fantastic, you can browse past shirts at their website here.
On Saturday we went out to breakfast at the Bread and Ink Cafe with our friends, Jordan and Kelli.  That restaurant has the most amazing waffles so of course I had one of those with a giant heap of spiced apples, caramel, and whipped cream.  Jeremy got a delicious scramble with thick bacon and avocados.  We shared.  Jeremy pretty desperately wanted to go to Ben & Jerry's afterward because it is right across the street, but after that waffle I couldn't possibly imagine a dessert so we went and browsed at the new Goodwill on Hawthorne instead.  It is a Goodwill that is set up similarly to the rest of the thrift stores like Buffalo Exchange and Red Light on the same street.  I get that it is a nicer Goodwill, but I couldn't get over how expensive items were for it being a Goodwill store so we didn't buy anything.

Saturday night we had Jeremy's sister Carolyn and her husband Ben over to play a game and eat chili dogs.  I don't even care if some people think that is gross and unhealthy.  My husband can make a mean chili dog.

Then on Sunday we spent a long time at Home Depot picking out different items for our bathroom that Jeremy is currently remodeling.  We chose tile, lighting, a vanity, shower hardware, and shower doors.  I thought it was going to be tiring and that I was going to get annoyed like I usually do at Home Depot, but it was actually fun and we made decisions that I'm pretty excited about!

I hope you all had a great weekend as well, sorry that post was so long!  I commend you if you actually read the whole thing and sorry I didn't take any photos this weekend.


  1. So cool that you talked to Terry Porter! We met him at a Blazer game once and got a picture! I'm glad we're not the only ones that geek out around portland TB players!

  2. Terry Porter has always been one of my favorite people:-) He's an old family friend: My hubby practically peed his pants when he found that out while we were dating! haha! Go Blazers! xoxo

  3. sounds like you guys had a lovely weekend. so fun that you got to chat w/ terry porter and the power of the purse event sounds like a lot of fun :).

  4. THESE SHOES ARE HOT!! I love them!! And being a hermit is totally fine haha


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