Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Weekend

This weekend I made a pennant banner for my sister and her fiance to use as a prop for their engagement photos.  I'm hoping her photographer will have great ideas on how to incorporate it into a photo for the save-the-date cards I am making for them.
Jeremy and I had a bunch of friends (Russell & Sara, Jordan & Kelli, Greg & Megan, and Chris & Becca) over to our house to play games and go out to dinner on Saturday.  It's funny how much our dinners have changed in the last couple of years.  There were three high chairs at our table.  The kids add a pretty fun dynamic to the group, nothing is ever boring with them!
We also had our taxes done on Saturday with fantastic results!
Then today we celebrated Jeremy's sister, Carolyn's birthday.  This meant we went out to Italian food twice this weekend.  There are lots of left overs in our refrigerator right now which is good because we don't have a lot else.  I really need to go grocery shopping.
I'm not ready for the weekend to end, but I'm excited to get this coming work week over with.  I think things will slow down a lot for me after this week.  I hope so anyway!


  1. HOW adorable!! I love the craftiness and the fabric

  2. It was so much fun getting together this weekend! I wish we would have taken pictures. Hope to see you again soon!!

  3. We have a bunch of leftovers from this weekend too AND I need to go grocery shopping...the pizza and chinese food will only last so long. xoxo

  4. Banner looks awesome, for candy table purposes were you notified pink in now in the colors as well? Just wanted to make sure you were! Sounds like a fun weekend!


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