Friday, April 29, 2011

Baby Shower Gift Wrap

My friend Julia and I have been buddies since 1st grade.  I love that we still keep in touch with each other.  She is truly one of my oldest friends (not by age...she is 27, but you know what I mean).  Julia is nearing the end of her fourth pregnancy.  Yes, she has been busy in her 20's!  I'm very excited to be attending her baby shower tomorrow.
One thing I hate about buying gifts is that you end up spending so much on gift wrap and cards that you can't afford as much gift as you would like.  I decided to forgo traditional baby shower gift wrap and come up with stuff around the house so I could spend a little more on the gifts.
 For Christmas we used brown craft paper and dressed it up in different ways.  I still had a roll of craft paper left so I decided to use that and a brown paper bag I had laying around.  I fancied it up with pom poms that I made.  I just happened to have yarn colors that would match the crochet booties I commissioned Melissa to make for the baby boy.  For the tag I used a cute little card that Becca had given me.  She gave me a whole stack of them around Christmas.  I have so many crafty friends!
It was a fun, quick project.  I knew how pom poms were made, but I had never made them myself.  It was really easy and I just love them.  I want to make them and put them on everything now.
I'm really excited to give these gifts!  In the past I would have just bought a giant baby shower themed gift bag.  I had a lot more fun with this and I know Julia will really love it.


  1. The wrapping is always my favorite part! They turned out so cute...I have been wanting to make some poms (did you use a fork?) but don't have any reason to! I'm glad you used one of my cards! :)

  2. I love it! I was just talking with a gal pal, on our way into a bridal shower, about how much fun it is to wrap presents all pretty and how I'm always slightly offended when the person just rips it open. Hahaha. STILL WORTH IT.

  3. These gifts are so cute! I love the wrapping, I would love a gift with these wrapped on it!

  4. Cute and so unique! I love it. I'm the same way with wrapping presents. I like to put a little extra pizazz into it:-) xoxo


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