Monday, April 25, 2011

Flower Girl Dresses

My sister Kacy had a few ideas of what she wanted for her flower girl dresses.  She knew she wanted a bright pink tulle skirt, polka dots on the bodice, and to hopefully incorporate a couple of the wedding colors into the dress.  Her ideal dress would have bright pink and orange on it because the bridesmaid dresses are yellow and she wanted all three of her colors represented in what we all wore.
It took quite a while for both of my sisters to figure out how they might find a way to accomplish this as Kacy was not finding anything even close at bridal shops.  They found an etsy seller who had a dress style they really liked and who was willing to go out and find fabrics that she could source locally in the colors they were requesting.  After seeing the fabrics, Kara was having a hard time ordering because she and Kacy couldn't decide what would be best.  So, they employed me to help them visualize all of the options.
They showed me the photo of the dress and the fabrics so I did a quick sketch of it and colored it up in the options they were considering.
The first two were the options involving pink and orange.  We decided that the two colors had the potential to really clash, and since we wouldn't see the dresses until they were finished and shipped to Oregon, it seemed like too much of a risk.
So, we defaulted to our safer options.  All three of us prefered the option with the yellow, but since the bridesmaid dresses are yellow, Kacy was hesitant to pick it.  She knew there was no way to match the flower girl dress yellow to our bridesmaid dress color and she was afraid they might turn out too different.  I think that was a valid concern.  So, we went for the pink and white option.  It is definitely the safest of the bunch, but I think it is still a lot more funky than most flower girl dresses and we can have fun adding the other colors into their shoes, hair, and baskets.  I think they will be adorable.
It was a quick and unexpected task for me to be involved in the dress selection at all, but it was a fun project to help out with.


  1. how fun! Can't wait to see the final product :)

  2. If she could have found what we wanted we wouldn't have had this problem, although they will be cute either way. She really does great work.
    We ordered the cutest Orange sandals last night for them.

  3. So fun! The little girls will love them!


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