Monday, April 11, 2011

Maternity Clothes

This weekend an awesome friend of mine gave me a bin full of maternity clothes to use during my pregnancy.  She is a lot smaller than me though so I think most of the pieces will just last for months 5 & 6 and I will have to buy larger sizes after that.  I'm not wearing maternity clothes yet, but I did try one of her shirts yesterday which was an XS.  It fit, but I'm pretty sure it will not fit for very long.

I have decided that once I do grow out of my jeans that I am not going to buy maternity jeans.  Leggings are so stinking comfortable so I'm going to wear dresses for literally the entire pregnancy.  It works out because most of my pregnancy, God willing, will be when the weather is nice.

I'm going to shop cheaply and only get things that I really need instead of just want since I will not be wearing the clothes for very long.  Most of my maternity shopping will be at Target and H&M.  I do plan to treat myself to just one dress from Shabby Apple though once I am feeling huge and unattractive.  They have the cutest dresses...
I can't wait to make that purchase! Hopefully it's a while though before I feel huge :)


  1. Kira, you will be such a cute prego...I bet you will stay pretty small/won't look as awkward as I did since I'm so short. It's totally doable to wear nothing but dresses the whole time! Don't forget about American Apparel, I lived in it and wasn't afraid to spend money on it since I knew I could wear if afterwards. We have a AA wholesale hookup and get 60% off most of the cotton stuff. We probably will put an order in in the next few months so let me know if you want us to order you (or Jeremy or the baby) anything!

  2. Shabby Apple does have the cutest dresses! And i'm with you on the whole leggings thing. Although I'll probably get so big I burst the seams and then I'll only be able to wear dresses! Hopefully I'm pregnant during the more mild-weather time of year! And you'll be cute in anything!

  3. dresses sound perfect! lucky for you you'll be pregnant during the warmer months. i always feel bad for pregnant women during the winter when their coats won't button - and who wants to buy a giant coat you'll never wear again? not me! can't wait to see your pregnancy style :).

  4. i think you should get at least 1 pr of maternity jeans...i LIVED in mine...really why don't ALL jeans have stretchy waistbands? I really loved my Gap jeans and my Motherhood Maternity ones I got at the outlet. If it's only 25$...AND you won't want to wear regular jeans right away after baby, especially if you end up with a c-section...nice that leggings are back on trend!! Dressed/tunics and leggings are the perfect prego uniform!

  5. Oh, I love that black one, it's my favorite! Especially with your hair color. :)

  6. Hey Kira, somehow I just now found your blog.

    I'm thrilled about getting away with dresses and leggings for my whole pregnancy too. I think I am going to get one pair of jeans from Target though. I've heard the Liz Lange ones are awesome and only $30. I also got a Bella Band which has helped me to keep wearing my pre-pregnancy pants for the office. I think it will come in handy after giving birth too when it's colder out.

    Fun fact: I am in my sister's wedding this summer too. Yay for being a bridesmaid with a bump!

    Glad you are doing well so far!


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