Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Baby Room Theme Idea

Ok, let me start this off by saying this is not the final room theme, just an idea...

I have loved these Berkley Illustration prints since I came across them last year.  I even have the Sea Otter print in my studio.  I love the whimsical quality and how each one comes with a story.  I think a few of them would look great on the wall of our baby's room.
Strelka The Space Dog.  My friend already bought me this one!
Kittens Print.  I really love a kitten in a t-shirt.

That got my brain going in the direction of actually having the theme of the room be "animals in people clothes."  Is that weird?  My friend Becca sent a photo of these cute stuffed animals to me via Pinterest.  There are also a few things at Ikea right now that would fall in line well with the theme.

Anyway, just some ideas.  I have a board on Pinterest with other baby room inspiration as well.

We have our ultrasound on Friday! I just really want that day to get here.

*I'm reposting this since it was removed during the outage.  I am also currently bummed out because I had a draft post that is now missing.  Hopefully it all comes back!


  1. I LOVE the idea!! it's so fun and whimsical. Plus I too am gaga for animals in people clothes....

    Can't wait, hope you are finding out the sex so I don't have to be wondering for 4 more months!

  2. Your studio is so cute! These prints would be great!

  3. "animals in clothes"?? pure genius! i love it kira!


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