Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Bought Something for the Nursery...

Last night I ordered something I've been wanting for a long time.  I finally had a reason to get them!  I have loved these fabric wall decals for quite a while.  This set will be perfect for our nursery. Since the Love Mae store on Etsy is having a 15% off sale, it seemed like a great time to buy.
The bird wearing a top hat is my favorite.  I'm super excited to get them in the mail!

**Also...don't forget about the giveaway!


  1. nice blog :)


  2. so adorable!


  3. these are adorable! one thing I'm excited about for when we start having kids is decorating the nursery and I definitely plan on getting some cute wall decals. Good find!

  4. LOVE!! I think I have admired them for a long time too, but felt like there weren't any very appropriate for a boy.

  5. oh, and also, my first dance song was "I Will Follow You Into The Dark"

    kinda cheesy, but I kinda love it =)

  6. very cute! I love having a girl, I can tell you will too!

  7. I love it! I love the colours

  8. Those are so beautiful! I love them! I wanted some of them for Enzo's nursery, but all the ones I fell in love with were more for girls than boys. Are you going to be doing an owl theme, or your animals in people clothes theme? I love that by the way.


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