Thursday, May 19, 2011

IM Nostalgia

I read this Gizmodo article on Monday. It brought me back to the days I used AIM pretty regularly in high school and college.

AIM was an instrumental tool in building a few of my most cherished relationships.  This includes my husband Jeremy and my dear friend Sokhak. I probably chatted with those two guys through AIM daily during my college years. It helped me get to know a lot of people better since I’m a bit shy and awkward in person.

There was also an annoying aspect of AIM. I was occasionally bombarded with messages from guys I did not know who would say things like “Hi, I live at blank house with so-and-so. I saw you at that worship thing. We should get together and do homework sometime.”

Hey, weird guy…my major is Apparel Design. Were you thinking you might need to sew some garments for your economics final or something? I don’t randomly get together with strangers from the Internet, even if they do know so-and-so.

Oh, those were the days.

Does anyone out there still use AIM?  I stopped using it pretty quickly after I moved back from New York.


  1. I don't use AIM, but I do IM. I use iChat at home and Office Communicator at work.
    I also use the chat feature on my gmail. My mom and I IM daily.

  2. Ahhh, AIM! haha. The last time I used it was during freshman year at OSU:-) I remember after Daniel and I first met, he found me on AIM and we would chat/flirt. Funny memories! xoxo

  3. Oh the days of AIM... I don't even want to go there...

  4. I had kind of forgotten! Now there's facebook chat but it's just not the same!


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