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Mama Knows Best #1

Hi friends,
Today is the first guest post in my new "Mama Knows Best" series (thanks for the name suggestion, Lauren!).  Our guest blogger today is Becca from Life @ 1521.  She is a good friend of mine that I met while in college.  We lived in the same house for a year and our husbands actually lived together as well!  She has a super adorable son named Bennett, and based on her experiences with buying items for him, she wanted to share her thoughts on consignment shopping with us.  I will let Becca take over from here...

If you know me and have a child or are pregnant, chances are pretty darn high that I have given you the card to my favorite place to find cheap and unique things for my son Bennett. 
I keep a stack of these cards in my wallet because I love this little consignment shop so much and want to let people in on my best-kept secret.

 I started going to Piccolina after I found out I was having a boy. I had heard that they are picky in what they buy, which means that they only have the best of the best. 
I wasn't really sure what to expect on my first trip in, but I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't the graveyard for bulky plastic toys that I had been imagining. 

I felt like I was walking into a little boutique filled with high end clothes (for both my baby and my expanding belly), lots of good quality books, toys and games, and all the baby gear you could ever want.

Fast forward two years.

I usually go to Piccolina once a month to sell a few things that I don't see us using in the future and to browse to see if there's anything new that I can't live without.

I have even featured a few of my favorite things from Piccolina on my blog:
the vintage Fisher Price puzzle seen here,
these vintage cowboy boots,
these wellies,
 3 pairs of Converse (that had never been worn!),
and a ton of other things that I absolutely love but just don't have pictures of.


One reason I love Piccolina is that yes, you can buy stuff for your kids for super cheap, but its also great knowing that you have somewhere to unload all your baby gear when you are done with it and make a couple extra bucks in the process!

They will give you cash or trade for kid's clothes (they buy high-end, like-new condition) and consign maternity clothes, toys, books and all other kid's products from boppy's (hello those are expensive!) to baby carriers to sets of blocks that your kids have grown out of.
Check out their policy on buying (incuding days they consign) here

It makes so much sense to buy from your local children's consignment shop!
Kid's only use/wear/play with things for such a limited amount of time that they barely have a chance to break it in before they are grown out of it.

shopping at piccolina.

Right when you pull up to Piccolina you will notice the huge selection of strollers, highchairs etc. out front of the store. I went on a rainy day so everything was covered in plastic.

the tour.

I went and took pictures in the store to give you a feel for what it's like and what they have...
(most of the things seen in the pictures are likely not there anymore, 
but they always have awesome things so it doesn't hurt to go look!)
 1. local, handmade clothing
2. bedding (including high end brands like Pottery Barn Kids and Serena and Lily)
 1. large toddler toys (usually walkers, wagons, activity centers, etc.)
2. hats (new, handmade, and gently used summer & winter hats)
3. shoes, boots, sandals, slippers, dance shoes
4. new, locally handmade children's clothes
5. books (mostly kids, but some parenting books as well)
6. Piccolina carries A LOT of girl clothes!
7. bigger items (baby gates, johnny jump ups, play yards, play tents, etc.) carriers (baby bjorns, slings, mobys, ergos, mai tais, etc) and smaller maternity items like gently used or new nursing bras (those suckers are expensive!) and swim suits too!
2. in-season, name brand maternity clothes (if you're into designer maternity jeans they usually have a few pairs and are a lot cheaper than buying them new!)
3. Boppys, boppys, and more boppys (plus some pregnancy pillows too!)
4. Bennett
5. super cute/locally made baby blankets, bibs and burp cloths
6. electric breast pumps (buy new tubing, and going this route will save you so much $)(I will be getting one from Piccolina next time around, as they are one of the most expensive, yet invaluable things you need)
7. local/handmade diaper cases (I love mine because it's so easy to just pop into my purse instead of lugging around a diaper bag on quick trips)
1. bottles, sippy cups, water bottles (all in great condition) (they always have a plethora of my very favorite bottle!)
2. monitors
3. kitchen/ feeding items and safety products
4. splat mats, bibs, shopping cart covers, ect.
1. Sara the owner (she's so sweet and always remembers me!)
2. boys clothes (much smaller section than the girls, but mom's of boys are used to this)
3. diaper bags (totally makes sense to buy a used one since they only accept ones that are in great shape) (they buy/sell nicer bags like Petunia Pickle Bottom, Skip Hop, JJ Cole, Ju Ju Be, etc.)
4.  was confused as to why I was taking pictures. 
5. toys (all in great, like-new condition)
6. more girls clothes!
1.  sleep sacks, swaddling blankets, swaddlers, etc.
2. all sorts of cloth diaper covers and anything else you would need (inserts, cloth wipes-new only/handmade)
3. baby blankets and towels
4. bathing suits, tights, socks training pants, underwear, leg warmers

and more...

If my tour wasn't enough, here are some more pictures 
including some cute things I found along the way!
(I was really just wanting to have fun with Picnik, okay?)

Piccolia is pretty much amazing and you are missing out (and paying a lot more) if you decide to buy everything from that horribly overpriced baby store (where people don't actually know anything about the products they are selling, and it's impossible to track them down to help out anyways).

I'm sure Sara(the owner) would be more than happy to tell you the 
differencebetween an Ergo and a Mai Tai.
 Just ask her, cause she's a mama!

Piccolina has two Portland locations:

SE Clinton location:
(this is the one I was at)
2700 SE 26th 
Portland, OR 97202
(corner of 26th & Clinton)

Mon thru Sat: 10am to 6pm
Sun: 11am to 4pm

SE Woodstock location:

4416 SE Woodstock Blvd.
Portland, OR 97206

Tues thru Sat: 10am to 5pm

PS: if you're crafty and make cute stuff for the little ones, stop by and show them your product. 
They may just want to sell it at the store!

Thanks Becca, I'm super excited to stop by Piccolina now!  If you are interested in guest blogging for this series shoot me an e-mail:  I'd love for you to write on any baby related topic you feel passionate about.  I'm really excited to see the other submissions trickling in!


  1. They should pay you to advertise for them Becca!! Haha. Sounds like such an awesome store!

  2. Love this:-) I was actually planning on going there soon! xoxo

  3. haha I wish Sara! A little income wouldn't hurt, I'd probably spend it there anyways :)

  4. Sounds like a great find. It is crazy how much some baby things cost for the short amount of time they are used.

  5. on my "to check out" list for the future! becca is a plethora of knowledge!

  6. what a cute little store! I wish we had something like that near me!


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