Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mama Knows Best #2

Hi! I'm Emily from Homemade Lovely.  I have temporarily retired from teaching to be a stay-at-home mom to my amazing little girl, Audrey. I was really excited when Kira asked me to guest post with advice for her upcoming role as a new mom. She is such a great friend and I know she will be an amazing mom.
Before Audrey was born I read about baby stuff a lot. I read blogs, I read pregnancy calendars, I read books people gave me, I read anything that had anything to do with a baby. I even watched a uTube video on how to give a newborn a bath. It was my way of trying to "prepare" and I enjoyed learning as much as I could. And I did learn a lot of things. I learned about what would happen at the hospital, about nursing, about how the baby would sleep and where and when.
And now, very close to one year later, what I've learned is that all of that stuff I learned before didn't matter once I was holding Audrey in my arms. Everything changed once she was here and we just figured it out as we went because she definitely hadn't read what I had and she made up her own rules.
So my biggest advice to you is to do what feels right. If you want to study up, do it. I'm sure I will again when we have a second, but in the end be ready for the best roller coaster ride of your life. And try your best to enjoy every second, even during the hard times because you'll blink and be planning her first birthday party and wonder how it is possible that a year has already gone by.
My Top 5 Baby Items:
1. Ergo Baby Carrier - I love this carrier. It is so comfortable.
2. FuzziBunz One Size Cloth Diapers - We are so happy with these. One size diapers are definitely the way to go. Audrey has been wearing the same diapers since she was nine days old.
3. Backseat Mirror - A mirror to hook on to the backseat of your car so when you look in the rear view mirror you can see the baby. I would really miss this if I didn't have it.
4. Food Processor - To make homemade baby food of course. It is so easy to do and saves a lot of money. Plus, in my opinion, the food is much better.
5. Infant Tylenol - A lifesaver when it comes to teething, shots at the doctor's, and everyday bumps and bruises. I would be embarrassed to admit how much of this stuff we have stored up "just in case". (p.s. Word around the hospital is that they are taking it off the market, stock up now!) 
Thanks, Emily!  This post makes me feel better since I know so little about babies.
If you are interested in sharing about life with your little one please send me an e-mail at


  1. Great advice:-) We've been looking at the FuzziBunz diapers too. Daniel just can't believe the things we talk about these days, haha! xoxo

  2. it's true nothing can really prepare you for it!

  3. Kira, Congrats! You'll be a fun and loving mom!Patty

  4. Love the pictures Emily and good advice!


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