Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Master Bathroom Remodel

Jeremy has had the master bathroom basically done for the last few weeks, but I have been lazy and never got around to taking photos to share.  I decided I would rather do that now than do my pregnancy Pilates.  It's pretty sad when my only inspiration to do something is so I have an excuse not to do something else.
Anyway, as a reminder...this is what the bathroom looked like before.
We still need to put some sort of cabinet on the wall above the toilet, but we haven't figured out what we want yet.  A new window will also be installed soon.
 The shower is awesome.  It's hard for me to get ready on time in the morning because I just don't want to leave it.
 My husband did a great job.


  1. Wow it looks sooo good! Nice work Jeremy! I wouldn't want to leave that shower either. :) I really like that paint color too!

  2. Sooo gorgeous! I love the tile! The master bedroom/bathroom in our new house is sooooooooo covered in pink mildew. I'm quarantining it until I can convince someone else to go in there and clean/remodel the whole thing.

  3. wow!
    it looks awesome.
    he really did a great job!


  4. Looks great, nice work Jeremy!

  5. ooh, I LOVE it. Yes, he did a great job! And it didn't take too long, either. My dad started redoing our fireplace over a month ago and it's still not done... lol.

  6. it looks great!! I love the tiling - very unique!


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