Monday, May 2, 2011

Strange Projects

This weekend, on the way to my friend's baby shower, I stopped at my parents house for about an hour.  My dad has been wanting me to clean out my old bedroom at their house.  I have been avoiding it as much as possible.  I humored him and worked on it a bit in the short time I had.  It was just enough time to grab old artwork, stuffed animals, and clean off a desk for him to take to Goodwill.
I came across a portfolio of projects I did for a drawing class my sophomore year of college.  Most of them are drawings of the model guy from our class, but one was pretty interesting so I thought I would share.  We had a project where we were supposed to draw one half of two different faces as one portrait.  I thought it would be fun to do the same person as a child and as an adult so you could see the difference.  Then somehow I decided it was a good idea to pick the one person I could think of whose look changed the most throughout the years.
I'm not sure what to do with this.  It's too weird to put on my wall, but I did spend a decent amount of time on it so I don't want to just get rid of it either.  I guess it will just hang out in storage.
What was your strangest school project?


  1. thats a cool project!! I love the style you used and the black and white!

  2. maybe you could sell it...

  3. hang it up! it will be a conversation piece

  4. super cute blog and lovely post! make sure to follow me and checkout what im wearing for wardrobe wednesday tomorrow!

  5. I have an entire collection of things I love that are too weird to hang on the wall! Maybe we need a room for them?


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