Thursday, June 16, 2011

24 Weeks

I am at 24 weeks now!  This pregnancy is going by so quickly, I can hardly believe it.

People keep telling me how terrible it is to be pregnant in the third trimester during the summer.  I can't wait to experience that blessing, especially with no air conditioning in the house.  At least it's fairly mild around here.  August could get kind of terrible though.  If the summer goes as quickly for me as the rest of this pregnancy has, our baby girl will be here in no time and braving the heat will be totally worth it.
I find it interesting how complete strangers find it totally acceptable to tell me how huge I am.  The checker at the grocery store the other day asked me when my due date was.  When I told her early October she said, "that's going to be a huge baby, I was sure you were at least at 7 months."  Thanks lady.
I'm just glad the rude strangers haven't started touching my belly.  I might freak out on them.  I have been able to handle the comments gracefully so far, but if someone I don't know touches me...I'm not sure how I would handle that.  Strangers, don't be weird, ok?


  1. I've never been Very pregnant at the end of summer, I can't imagine it would be too fun!

  2. fyi: you are not huge at all! You are going to be getting comments from people from here on out...take them with a grain of salt! Once this greeter at church held the door open for me and asked why B didn't have a jacket on. I just kept walking because little did she know that Bennett is seriously hot blooded and we were walking to our car maybe 100 feet away. You have to brush stupid comments off, or else just by sheer volume they will get to you! I remember I was shopping at TJ's a week after my due date (I was a whale and it was 100 degrees) and the checker ran over and gave me a huge boquet and a popcicle...some people are nice!

  3. I think the bad thing about being pregnant in the summer is swelling. you can deal with heat by wearing less clothing...BUT within a week of having bambino, the swelling and water weight disappear.
    such a cute little belly!

  4. As for the rude strangers ewwf ... see comment above you are so cute and darling! XO!

  5. I can't believe someone would say that to you! You look about right for the month that you are in! You look great!

  6. you look so gorgeous! congrats and have fun with the pregnancy! <3

  7. hi glad to have ound your blog congratulations on becoming a mother i bet you are so excited i was and still am my boy is now 2 aaawwww its such an amazing journey i loved being pregnant! love to invite you to visit my blog if you like


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