Monday, June 27, 2011

Last Week

My posting has been kind of sporadic lately.  Last week was BUSY and I have developed an annoying cold on top of it.  I thought I would do a quick post covering all of the fun stuff I did last week.  I will have to do a separate post on the weekend since my photos are still on the camera and I am currently too lazy to do anything about that.
A pretty sunset one night at camp
Monday-Wednesday I attended Design Camp.  I got to know a lot of the designers at my company who work on different product categories than myself.  We did really fun group projects and activities including:
-competitive geocaching
-building rockets
-a beautiful hike
-creating short films (this was my favorite)

So, lame story...I don't feel comfortable posting a lot of work related stuff on my blog.  And, that means even though I have awesome photos documenting these events, you cannot see them.  Bummer, right?  I apologize.

Anyway, even through the geocaching and the hike out in the hot sun, the baby and I did great.  I was very proud of the both of us.

Thursday was our anniversary.  Jeremy and I watched the NBA draft for a while (until we got to the Blazers 21st pick of course) and then went to dinner at Laurelhurst Market.  The food was fantastic, but it's a small space with a lot of tables and we could hardly hear one another talk.  We mostly discussed the Blazers acquisitions and trades since we are kind of obsessed.  I'm sad to see Andre Miller go, but I could kind of care less about Rudy at this point.

If you're not a Blazers fan, I'm totally not offended if you just skipped that last paragraph.

After dinner we went to Ben & Jerry's and were able to hear each other once again.

I did a market shopping trip Friday morning that included a lot of vintage shops.  I picked up this adorable little dress for our girl at Vintage Pink while I was out.
embroidery close up
Friday night we went to Hopworks Urban Brewery with a group of friends and then picked up some Chubby Hubby and headed home.  It was a Ben & Jerry's kind of week I guess.  Nothing wrong with that.


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  1. that little dress is so sweet! what a great find :).

    and laurelhurst market is where we went for our last anniversary. the steak good! but yes...definitely a little crowded. we even went on a weeknight and it was busy.

    oh...and i'm totally not sad about rudy. i had high hopes for him, but i'm over it. he's such a diva. the rest of the trade was kind of lackluster. i was hoping they'd pick that farreid guy with our first pick, but whatever. maybe the guy they picked instead will be good.


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