Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mama Knows Best #7 - The Amazing Boppy

Hi, my name is Kara.  I am Kira’s twin sister, and I have an almost four year old daughter named Maleah.  I wanted to share my favorite baby related product with you. 

From the beginning of my pregnancy I was really excited about the journey.  I got my associates in Early Childhood Education, and took care of a whole room full of infants my whole pregnancy.  So, I wasn’t worried about the mom part, but I didn’t really know where to begin when it came to what I needed.

There are so many companies trying to make money and promoting their items as the best, I didn’t
know who to believe or where to begin. My husband is quite the research man so he was on the lookout for the best and safest carseat, stroller, breast pump, etc. The only thing I did know from working in childcare is that my first purchase would be a boppy pillow. We used multiple of them daily with my room full of six week to eight month olds. What I didn’t know is that I would use it for more than just nursing Maleah.

After I had Maleah and before being discharged from the hospital, I called my mom and requested she
bring my boppy pillow, not because I needed it to nurse Maleah, but because it was killing me to sit on
anything. The thought of sitting on that thing was glorious. Here is a picture of Maleah and I the day
after we got out of the hospital and yes I am sitting on the boppy.
I shared a little in the hospital though, she didn’t have any desire to sleep while we were in the hospital, but once I laid her on the boppy she went right to sleep.
I used it to lay her on when I needed to get things done like fold laundry or take a picture of her looking all cute!
Maleah had reflux really bad and she was supposed to stay elevated for at least thirty minutes and not
be moved around a lot after she ate and sometimes it wasn’t possible for me to hold her during that
time, so this is where I put her.
Once she got a little older and started learning how to sit unassisted, I used the boppy to wrap around
her in case she fell over (we have all wood floors), which happened pretty often. I would scoot it back a little further the more I felt she was getting better at sitting alone.
It has many different uses besides what it is advertised for and I am sure there are many more than
what I have metioned. I would have to say the boppy is the one thing that I used the most in the first year, I took it everywhere with us, even though Maleah is almost four the boppy still gets used by her dolls and for friends babies when they come over, but it is waiting for round number two one of these days!

Thanks Kira for letting me post on your blog, you will be a great mom and I can’t wait to go on this
journey with you!
 **Kara, thanks for posting, I know how much you love that thing.  I started an amazon wish list and it pretty much only has three items at this point.  The boppy is one of them due to your endorsement.  Also, thanks for posting that make-up less photo of me :)


  1. haha oh you sisters! Boppys are definitely amazing. Make sure you have 2 covers for it so you have a spare if one gets dirty (and it will). Good post Kara!

  2. Great post Kara! Love the boppy!!

  3. Thanks for the great tip Kara! I put Enzo in the boppy to sit him up and he loved it! I never would have thought to do that. I also found heaven when I realized that you could sit on the boppy and find relief, unfortunately it was two weeks after he was born before I heard that tip. But man it saved me, big time!

    And those pictures of Maleah as a baby are TOO CUTE!! She's such a sweetie! Thanks for sharing : )


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