Thursday, June 30, 2011

More Wedding Stuff

I hoped to have all 400 invitations cut, stuffed, and stamped by last night.  I ended up having exactly 226 completed.  I blame being sick, but I have also had a lot going on lately.  I do kind of feel like a failure anyway.
This weekend my mom and I also messed around with some of our thrifted dishes to work on a set up for the candy table.  Above is a photo of one of our ideas. We will probably stick with the homemade cake/jewelry stand idea for a lot of the containers.  I really love the colors.  Very 70s looking.

I swear, I have already done more for this wedding than I ever did for my own.  Sorry about that, mom.


  1. Invitations were way more involved than I had expected. And stamps add up! We spent like $300 on stamps! You will get it all done though.... it all comes together in the end!

  2. holy cow Kira! I'm not even sure I'd do all that for my own sister! I love the setup!

  3. how cute the yellow thrifted dishes! ;)

  4. I can only imagine wedding planning on top of life.

    So cute though! Mustard screams 70's to me, which I love because they are cohesive and a bit kitschy (in a completely good way, honest). The plate with the orange poppy? on it is just darling.

  5. This looks like it is going to be such an adorable wedding. I can't wait to see pictures!

  6. I love the display stands!

  7. Love it! I can't wait to see more!

  8. hi kira, this is a great idea to use plates and cups, very 70ish but very chic as well. love this idea! meg


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