Thursday, June 9, 2011

Shopping for Baby

A fun floral exhibit at Pioneer Courthouse Square we saw over the weekend.

We headed downtown on Sunday because Jeremy had a group meeting for one of his classes at the PSU library.  We ate lunch together, then he headed to the library and I did some shopping.

I bought a dress at H&M. I actually have the exact same dress in three different prints now because it fits the belly really well.  Then I tried to shop for baby.  I have literally no idea what I am doing.  Clothes are easy because we obviously know the due date so we can buy items for that time of year.  Music is easy because we know what we like and have had fun buying lullaby versions of some of our favorites.

But, that is all we have purchased.  Music and clothes.  I know a baby needs the basic things like a car seat, bottles, diapers, a crib, and a stroller.  I just have no idea which types of those things would be best for us.  I have looked at the lists of "things to register for" and a lot of them seem completely excessive to me.  I honestly don't even know what half of the stuff is.

I never worked at a daycare, was not a nanny, and I did not have young siblings.  I have never changed a diaper before.  I need help, bad.  Leave a comment and tell me your favorite items for baby, what you think is completely unnecessary from the "registry lists," and things that you didn't think of before that were definitely needed. Also, if you know of any helpful resources I would love to hear about those as well.

We have to register relatively soon and the thought of doing that is starting to stress me out.



  1. You can register for diapers & wipes. Some of the basic but necessary items are:
    cotton beanies, thin cotton swaddling blankets, baby monitor set, a few different types of pacifier if you choose to use them--sometimes babies prefer one certain type over another, a changing pad for on top of the baby's dresser (check to make sure yours comes with a strap to secure the pad to the dresser), cute diaper bag, johnson & johnson lotions, baby powder, no tear baby shampoo & body wash (doctors recommend to stay away from scented lotions and washes until baby is around 6 months old), baby bath tub, bumbo baby seat, high chair, swing, a chair like this ( that plays music... that was a lifesaver for me, my daughters loved lounging in that while I took a shower! At Babies R Us they have a person who can help you register. It is overwhelming but I'm sure you will end up with everything you need!

  2. We will make sure you have all your bases covered, you will be fine. Registering is stressful for everyone, I walked into babies r us and about had a panic attack even though I had a lot of experience. If you breastfeed you will need a breast pump, nursing pads, my life saver at the beginning of nursing was these things called soothies, you put them in the fridge then in your bra after you nurse, heaven haha. Bottles, I am not sure what is recommened now but I keep seeing a lot of good about glass ones, let your friends who recently had babes answer that. My favorite was the boppy and thick and big burp clothes cuz she was a spitter. Along with bibs, I only liked the ones carters sells, they were thicker and didn't soak through on her clothes. I agree if you are going to use a pacifier to get a couple different kinds to try, I honestly didn't want to use one with Maleah but because of her reflux she cried a lot and that was the only thing that soothed her. I am sure I will think of more and leave another comment. Tyler was my research guy, he looked up the safest and best reviewed products when it came to car seats and all that jazz.

  3. I totally agree with Kara, I walked into Babies R Us a few months ago and was seriously overwhelmed. And I have kids! And even though I am not family, I will definitely help you figure out the things you need and things you don't. It is a learning experience and every baby is different but you are going to be just fine! And diapering a baby is super easy : ) How's your reaction to poop? You'll need to get used to handling it, you will most definitely experience a blow out or two. Don't worry though, I've found that it's not a big deal at all when they are my own kids. it's other kids poop I can't stand!

  4. Ditto with me too.
    Boppy (i thought it wasn't needed with Oliver, got one with Henri and wished I had one with Oliver too. It is so much more comfortable than a pillow and you can use them to prop baby)
    Bottles - I liked Avent and used them for both boys.
    Pump - also advent
    Milk storage bags
    Vibrating bouncy chair (life saver!!) Oliver would only sleep in his for the first 2 months.
    Moses basket (optional) but I loved mine and both boys slept in them in the living room with me until they out grew it.
    Pack n Play - for trips to grandmas
    Diapers - i prefer pampers. if you choose cloth, you need a bunch of covers.
    Wipes - we get the costco brand. no smells, really basic.
    Crib - I think getting a convertible one is best. Crib to toddler bed to headboard as the kids grow.
    Bumpers & bedding
    Nose sucker
    Nail clippers (having the baby ones are much easier than normal ones but it isn't necessary to buy new ones.)
    Mittens - babies have ridiculously sharp nails and will scratch themselves and you.
    Breast Pads & ointment ( in only used mine for about a month)
    Changing table or dresser topper. - we got a lot of life out of ours, I stored so much stuff in it and it grew with the boys. We gave it to another expectant couple recently.
    Dresser/clothes storage.
    Baby hangers
    Burp cloths - you can make them out of flannel and serge the edges.
    Diaper bag
    bottle warmer (though you can just use a pan with hot water) actual warmers are a lot faster.
    Hooter hider (again didn't have with Oliver, but then again I was really modest with him.) With Henri I had no problem sitting in a room covered and nursing.
    Exersaucer - not needed until able to hold their head up and be able to be stable
    Carrier - Bjorn, Moby, Ecco. I've tried all three and the Ecco was by far my fav. I LOVE the moby wrap but Henri was too big of a baby and it just didn't function for very long with him.
    Car Seat - We had the Mico Cosi and I LOVED it. It pops into the Quinny Buzz stroller that was gifted to us.
    Stroller - We were gifted the Quinny Buzz and I would never use any other stroller. PLUS it's super cute! We used up until a couple of months ago and lent both it and the car seat to expectant friends...
    Formula - great for if breast feeding doesn't work, in a pinch, etc. Brands are sort of personal and each baby acts differently. we used both Similac & good Start. You don't really want to switch between brands so once you find one you like, stick with it.

    Not needed:
    Wipe warmer
    Diaper Genie - i know some people swear by them, but we've never used one

    hope that helps!

  5. You guys are doing great! I've babysat/nanny/etc. for years and I'm still frazzled thinking about everything. In reality, think about what baby needs right away, (the basics), and you can worry about most of the bigger baby stuff later. xoxo

  6. i have no idea.

    sorry. i'm no help at all! haha!

    i've heard that you should wait on a lot of stuff though until you actually have a baby to see what they pacifiers...don't buy a ton, cause you're baby might not even like them. and i've heard you also shouldn't buy much newborn stuff - most people i know had babies who were already in 3 months clothes at birth and all the teeny clothes went to waste.

    ok...that's all i've got...sorry i'm not that useful :). good luck!

  7. Kira we need to have lunch or something cause I can totally help! Or better yet, take me registering. Everyone is right, BRU is SUPER overwhelming and they make you think that you need EVERYTHING. We really tried to limit our 'baby gear' and I never missed anything we didn't have. I'm packing for the beach right now so I can't leave you a long list of things but I totally agree 2 things you DONT need are a wipe warmer and a diaper genie. When we get back from the coast I'm going to do another post for you about registering and what worked for me. Don't be afraid to ask, I love this stuff!

  8. Hey Kira, I don't know if you saw my post a couple weeks ago but I shared some links that helped me muddle through the baby mayhem. I'm registered on and at Target if you want to look at my registries too. They're very minimalist.

  9. Wow... I have a very similar photo from this weekend. We missed each other by a day! :)

    I've registered at a couple of places (mostly on-line) and each time I get a little overwhelmed with the choices. And, some of it is all up to how you plan on raising the kiddo and of course, what the kiddo likes/dislikes.

    I didn't register for ANY clothes or blankets because everyone is already giving me a ton and I haven't even had my shower yet. I did however register for the following:

    — Pack and Play (my little one will use this as his bassinet for the first few months and then we'll use it as a Play Pen type thing for traveling or while I'm doing dishes or something)
    — Crib, Crib Mattress, Washable Waterproof Mattress cover... I'm making my own sheets and plan on making a couple of them so that I can wash one set while the other is on the bed. I talked with a pediatrician recently who was AVIDLY against bumper pads and wedges. The wedges may be something you need eventually if the baby has tummy problems, but otherwise it is not needed (said the doc).
    — Breast Pump, Nursing Pads, Nipple Cream, Nursing Bras, Nursing Tanks, a couple of different sized bottles (not a lot and I went with the kind that has a similar nipple as the breast), and breast milk freezer bags
    — Changing Pad and Changing Pad cover (I'm just placing this on the dresser in the room... you don't really NEED a changing table)
    — Gdiapers and inserts in several sizes and natural wipes (we are going the cloth diaper route and found these to be amazing.)
    — Car Seat and Stroller— honestly, we received these as gifts after finding out we were pregnant so I didn't have to research them much but, I know you need at least the car seat to get out of the hospital! Also, do not buy a car seat used unless you know for sure that it was never in an accident.
    — We bought a Moby Wrap and are excited to use it. The person in the store helped us try it on and walk around with a fake baby in it! (we bought it at a cute little boutique on the East Side that sells used and new baby gear/clothes)
    — Convertible bathing tub that fits in the sink when they are tiny but can be changed and used in the tub as the kiddo grows, washcloths (soft and several), baby shampoo, baby body wash, baby powder, clippers, baby lotion (we chose the aveeno brand)

    I think that is about it... (sorry for such a long list. I'm sure that doesn't help with the overwhelming feeling!) One of the places I registered had a really great suggestion list and separated it from "Need" to "Nice to Have" and I found that I mostly registered for the bare essentials. (Check out for a good list!)

    Hope it helps and GOOD LUCK!

  10. You ladies are all amazing, thank you for the suggestions!

  11. Aaah. So weird to see this on your blog, since I walk by the square almost every single day. Love the flowers that are there right now.

    Sorry can't help much with baby related things. Hehe.

  12. When in doubt ask for gift cards for the things you will discover you need as you go :)


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