Tuesday, July 5, 2011

27 Weeks & the Weekend

Jeremy took 27 week belly photos of me yesterday afternoon before we headed out to two 4th of July barbecues.  I am really getting big now, and I don't have one of those cute super round bumps.  It's kind of pointy.  I think this is partially due to my weird belly button situation which is really cramping my style.
The weather was perfect this weekend and we packed in a lot of activities.

On Saturday I took a trip down to my old hometown and visited my sister who is also my hair stylist.  After my appointment with her, I had lunch with a good friend, visited with my parents, and then headed back up to prepare for a party at our place.

The turn out for our friend's going away party was great and everyone (including all of the kids) seemed to have a fun time.  We are really going to miss our friends Nick & Becca, but they will be within driving distance as they are just moving down to California.

Sunday involved going to church and having a barbecue (also at our house) with Jeremy's family.  We were quite the host & hostess this weekend.
The 4th involved a lot of food and fireworks.  Our little girl was moving around a ton during the fireworks show.  I felt kind of bad as I was afraid she might be scared by the noises.  I really don't know if she has the capacity for fear yet, but the noises clearly affected her.  Hopefully she will not be traumatized for life now.

I hope you all had a great 4th of July weekend!


  1. Cute! I totally remember that when I was pregnant with maleah, she moved around ridiculous during fireworks, I felt that same way you did. She isn't scared now so that is good I guess. Your hair is so long!

  2. you look great! my husband and i have a six month baby girl -- they truly are SO much fun. love the bump -- super cute :)

  3. Your belly is soooo cute!! I love your red hair!

  4. Cute cute bump! I went out to breakfast with my prego friend yesterday and she was complaining about the shape of her bump too. So funny. I never thought that women cared about that, never even thought about it! I wonder how I'll feel about mine someday hahaha

    Cute photos! Happy 4th!

  5. Oh my goodness! you are looking much bigger (in the best way)! I feel like your pregnancy is going by really fast... probably because I'm watching from afar, but still!

  6. yayyy thats so exciting! love your hair
    Forever Chic,

  7. i love your little pointy belly! so stinking cute!


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