Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mama Knows Best #8 - Registering

things you don't need to register for...

Hi, I'm Becca from life@1521.
You're probably thinking to yourself didn't she already do a guest post for Kira? 
You would be correct (read my first one here).  I wanted to do a few posts for Kira about registering, since I know she is pretty nervous about it.  I had always heard that registering was so overwhelming, so when I was pregnant, I tried to prepare myself as much as I could by reading a few great books containing a great wealth of baby product info and reviews (see those books here and here).

It's a fact that babies need a lot of stuff. But they don't need nearly the amount of stuff that the giant baby stores lead you to believe. I thought it would be fitting to make a list of items to not register for.
(These are things we found that weren't necessary for us, though I'm sure people's opinions differ, as with anything.)
don't bother registering for...
1. special baby-friendly detergents. These are quite a bit more expensive than regular detergents. Babies do have more sensitive skin, but they don't need anything special. Instead, choose a perfume and dye-free detergent like this that you can use on all your laundry.
2. bottle sanitizers. Just one more thing to take up space on your counter. This is what a dishwasher is for right?
3. baby bathrobe and slippers. Really? I've never known a baby to hang out in a bathrobe, let alone slippers. Resist the cuteness and put them straight into their pjs.
4. baby mittens. Babies have sharp nails and scratch their faces when they get frustrated. My son wore socks on his hands while he slept for the first six months of his life so he wouldn't wake up with a bloody forehead. He never once asked for special mittens. You already have the socks, so just use those.
5. baby food cooker. Once again, something else to clutter your counter. I made all of my son's baby food and was actually glad that I didn't buy one. The "puree stage" lasts for a month or two at the most, so don't waste your money on something you won't use for very long. Instead, buy thisthis, or this... and at least you can use them later on for other things.
6. changing table. Not to say that you don't need a changing table, but at least get one that has a dresser attatched so they can use it for more than 2 years. Better yet, just plop a changing pad on any low dresser you like!
7. stroller frame.  Total waste of about $80. You probably would use this for a total of 3 months. Most strollers have infant seat adaptors anyways.
8. baby powder.  A little air-drying never hurt anybody, plus they think it's really funny when you fan their hiney with a diaper. Apparently, baby powder is dangerous to a baby's respiratory system if they inhale it as well. My son's pediatrican made sure we didn't have any at home.
9. special diaper pail. If you end up going with disposables, just get a kitchen sized garbage can and line it with a normal garbage bag. We use one like this. It's not an eyesore, we don't have to buy expensive inserts, it never stinks and we can use it later on.
10. wipe warmer. Dries the wipes out quicker. If you really want warm wipes just hold it in your hand for a moment.
11. bottle drying rack. Yet another thing to clutter your counters. Use a good 'ol towel or get glass bottles, they dry much better than plastics.
12. bottle warmer. Warming bottles in the microwave is a no-no because of hot spots. We put our son's bottles in a large mug and ran hot water over it. Warming the bottle in a saucepan with water works well too.
13. newborn shoes. It's hard to resist cute, tiny shoes....but really there is no point. The tiny shoes probably won't fit/stay on anyways. Keep their feet warm with socks, which are probably way more comfortable.
14. special lotions. My son has eczema and I spent so much money on fancy lotions when he was a newborn. His pediatrician recommended Cetaphil which works so much better than the expensive Aveeno Baby lotion and is way cheaper. The simpler the better.
15. formula mixers.  Really? Do people actually buy those? Use your hands people!

And there you have it. I'm sure there are a bajillion other things out there that are totally ridiculous (like this) but I thought I'd stick to the items that you might actually be considering.

Thanks Kira!

**Thank you, Becca!  I feel really blessed to have so many friends like you who are willing to help me navigate this task.  I finally created our registry account on the Babies R Us website last night.  I was so overwhelmed by everything, I kind of felt like my head might explode.


  1. Becca - I love your post! I feel like such a ninny though, I totally got sucked into the infomercial for the Baby Bullet. But I haven't bought it yet, so now that I know that the puree stage doesn't last long, I won't bother. Thanks for the great tips! Oh, and that contraption hanging the baby from the bathroom stall made me laugh out loud! So ridiculous! : )

  2. Perfect post Becca! I couldn't agree more. xoxo

  3. Thanks guys! I had fun putting the list together...don't get sucked in guys!
    And Melly, doesn't that baby hanging thing look scary? It must be for moms with no arms to HOLD THEIR BABIES while they squat! :) I wonder if they make one for toddlers though...

  4. Great post... I couldn't agree more.

  5. couldnt agree more with this list! They make so much crap that costs soo much money that you never use!

  6. Great to know! I wish someone had done this before we registered for our wedding, even! We got pretty much everything we registered for, and a year later we had gotten rid of pretty much everything! We had no idea what we liked/needed and what we didn't need! I will be much more prepared for baby thanks to this post!

  7. i just showed craig that baby hanger and we had a good laugh :). thanks for the list becca! i still kinda want the baby bullet though.... the cute little smiley faces on the containers are so cute! haha!

  8. Hahaha... laughed for a while over the baby hanger. Awesome. I'm glad to say only one item on the list made it into my house for the upcoming little one! :)


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