Sunday, July 24, 2011

Memories and a Wedding

 Me, Danielle, my twin sister Kara, and our friend Vanessa playing dress up
 Yesterday, I attended my friend Danielle's wedding.  Some of my oldest memories involve playing games like dress up and "Bonker Burger" with her (Bonker Burger is a fast food restaurant we made out of a big cardboard box).  My sister and I started doing play dates with Danielle when we were three years old.  Our moms were best friends so we were with one another all the time and basically grew up together.

Over the years, Danielle and I had Barbie fashion shows, wrote and illustrated a ridiculous book of poems, and started a singing group with our friend Julia called JDK (we pretty much thought we were the next best thing to TLC).

My best memory though is seeing how happy she was last night.  She looked absolutely beautiful and was so excited to be married.  It was completely evident how in love she is with her new husband.  I am so happy for her!

*I apologize for the terrible photo quality.  The image is a cell phone photo of an old picture at my parent's house.

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