Friday, July 8, 2011

A Parenting Book I Can Stand Behind

Generally, parenting books are not very desirable to me.  I decided if a 16 year old can figure out how to raise a child without completely ruining them (and many can, I have relatives to prove it) that a responsible almost 27 year old and her husband can figure it out.  Most parenting books and ridiculous "news" shows would tell me otherwise.

According to the society we live in kids shouldn't walk to school by themselves, they shouldn't talk to strangers, and apparently they can't even handle wearing a drawstring anymore until they reach junior high.

I have literally argued with older generations who believe that the world is a much scarier place than it was when they were kids.  I adamantly believed this wasn't the case even though I had no facts or statistics at the time to back me up.  I truly felt that it was the television news sensationalism of stories related to very rare and horrific events involving children that has started freaking parents out.
I guess that is one of the reasons I love the book Free Range Kids so much.  In many ways, it proved me right.  I like to be right, but I also like this book for other reasons.  I appreciate the author's sense of humor as well as all of the fact and statistic based reasoning found in the book.  It made me feel good to know that I am not crazy and that the idea of raising my kids a little more "Free Range" isn't radical and unsafe.  I want our kids to have confidence in themselves and their abilities.  I don't want to treat them like they will break in half or get abducted by some weirdo if they are out of my sight for five minutes.  I don't want my children to be afraid of everything and everyone around them.  If you feel the same way, you should definitely read this book.  And, if you go through your child's Halloween candy looking for poison and should probably read this book, too.


  1. Wow... the drawstring thing is UNREAL! crazy.

  2. craig actually told me about this book like a year ago. he listened to the author talk about it on npr. i'm totally a worrier and he's completely not, so i should probably read this book to help me not freak out when craig wants to let our 6 year old walk to the grocery store by themselves :).

  3. Good to know. I am pretty sure I'll be a worrier, even though I was probably a "free-range kid" growing up. I just worry a lot in general so I think a book like this would be good for me for the future. Thanks for sharing! I'm glad you have that outlook on raising your child!

  4. Isn't it amazing when you find a book that is actually helpful :) ?

  5. Sounds like a must-read for all of us parents to be:-) I agree about today's kids: I don't want them to be caged in under lock and key because of paranoia. There has to be a healthy balance! I want confident kids too, not scaredy cats! xoxo


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