Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend Review - Birthday Edition

I turned 27 this weekend.  I'm not sure when I will actually start to feel like an adult, but I found a gray hair the other day so I must be on my way.

We spent three hours at Babies R Us on Saturday morning adding items to our registry.  When we left we only had 49 items and the guy looked at us like we were crazy.  He said most people leave with at least 200.  I felt like we did a good job regardless.
Sunday was my birthday.  It started off with a stack of chocolate chip pancakes, involved some shopping, and I began reading one of my gifts --Bossypants by Tina Fey.  So far it is hilarious, but the cover totally creeps me out.  Jeremy made hamburgers for dinner and the night ended with a big waffle cone full of a cookies & cream and a gold medal ribbon combo.  Pretty good birthday, I think.

I am still trying to decide which pair of Toms I want to get for my gift.  Which would you get?
I think another pair of comfortable shoes are pretty necessary for this summer third trimester.  I love the chambray pair, but they don't have my size so I'm trying to decide if they are worth the wait or if I should go for the others.

Oh, and side note...moms, what bottles do you use & does you child use a pacifier?  What are your baby monitor preferences?  There are a few items for the registry still up in the air.


  1. I like the grey or chambray pair... but I know you would look great in either :) Glad you had a great birthday!

  2. i do love the chambray pair BUT I wouldn't be able to wait....
    I used Avent bottles and pump with both boths and the both only liked the Gerber pacifiers. I tried Avent with Henri and he just spit them out. Lucky for us, Oliver quit his at 8 months and Henri I think before 6 months. We tried to go a few days without giving one to Oliver, but as soon as he had it, he fell asleep. After 4-5 days of no sleep, it was a god send! Each baby will have it's own preferences. Some never take to pacifiers. That is a gift you are likely to get A LOT of at your shower. That and wash clothes...

  3. Happy Belated Birthday! (We are totally the same age... I'm almost weirded out by our similarities, but instead think it is cool that I've found your blog!) I like the first pair of shoes out of the two you have... of course part of that is that they'd go with over half of my wardrobe! Don't feel bad about not putting a ton on your registry... a lot of people get overwhelmed by the registry when buying and other people just opt to buy clothing anyways. (BTW... don't buy many clothes until after your shower!)

    And, as this is our first I can tell you that I don't know ANYTHING about how kids really take to things...but, we are trying out the Avent bottles and we are going to go sans pacifiers. Well, we are going to TRY to go sans pacifier. A lactation nurse I talked to was really against them (along with a few other "experts") but, if I find that things aren't working without then I'll hit the store pretty quick.

  4. I love Bossy pants! I started reading that on my phone a few weeks ago. Tina Fey is one funny gal!

  5. that cover totally creeps me out as well! I'm glad you had a good birthday and I think I'd hold out for the chambray pair seems like they would go with more. I already told you that we loved our simple evenflo glass bottles but I forgot to mention that they fit all medela pumps which is a huge can just screw a bottle on and pump right into it!
    We loved our avent pacifiers because they were all clear so you didn't have a cheesy pattern/saying/color blocking their cute face! They also have a cover which was a TOTAL lifesaver...everytihng sticks to pacifier nipples even just in the diaperbag!

  6. i vote for the green toms because you could wear them when any shade of denim. the blue ones might look funny with certain shades of jeans, but maybe that's just me ; )


  7. Happy Belated! I quite enjoyed bossy pants - it's a good summer read

  8. hope you had a wonderful birthday weekend!i think the green TOMS would be more versatile, hope you enjoy the shows! meg


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