Monday, August 8, 2011

Baby Shower #1

I am pretty lucky.  I get to have two baby showers.  The first was planned by my sister-in-law Carolyn and my mother-in-law Amy.  It was this weekend.
Carolyn is a master at hospitality and party planning so this was right up her alley.  She prepared a meal for everyone complete with appetizers, salad, and dessert.  
I thought her idea of having mini cacti as table decorations and party favors was perfect.  I was pretty excited to bring mine home.
We got a lot of great gifts.  One of my favorites were these adorable little sandals my friend Melissa made.  In the below photo she is modeling them on her son, Enzo.  He is not at the age yet where he would mind putting on a pair of pink sandals.
Want to see photos of me and my friends?  Maybe not?  That's ok.  I know seeing a ton of pictures of people you don't know isn't very exciting, but I like them and I want to document it so I'm doing it anyway...
My mom and my sis, Kacy
Amy and Carolyn.  I am squatting down in this photo.  This is not a joke.  Yes, I know I am a giant.
Emily, one of my best friends ever and also the photographer for the afternoon.
Melissa and Gina with their sons Enzo and Ash.  They are two of my favorite co-workers.
Becca and Kelli.  I guess you could call them a part of my "inner circle."  Whatever that means.
Heather and Larissa.  They are part of my "cluster".  I guess most church people call that a small group.  We dare to be different.
And, another bonus photo of my sister complete with her adorable stepson-to-be Rowdy.  Yes, that is his real name and to answer your next question, he is very well behaved.
The group
You will have to suffer through another one of these posts in September after my other shower.  I apologize.


  1. Looks like it was a lot of fun but sad we couldn't be there! Can't wait to look at all your cute stuff!

  2. Emily took some really great photos (what I saw on Facebook)! Thanks for inviting us, we had a great time. And tell Carolyn I am still smiling from her peanut butter pie! YUM!


  3. This looks like such a fun shower! And you are glowing!

  4. cute shower kira! your friend did a wonderful job of setting it up for you. and it looks like you had great weather too. will look forward to photos of your second shower, lucky girl by the way!

  5. wow 2 baby showers? That is nice and especially since you will get probably everything you need!!


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