Monday, August 15, 2011

Beach Weekend

 This weekend we stayed in an awesome house in Gleneden Beach, OR.  The weather was beautiful.  There was even one day where no jackets or hats were needed on the beach!  If you have ever been to the Oregon Coast you would understand how amazing that is.
Our best attempt at a family photo
The four members of our group bold enough to go into the water.  Only one was human.
Besides beach time, we hung out in Lincoln City.  We saw the sandcastle building competition, ate at Mo's (kind of something you have to do at the Oregon Coast), went to the outlet mall, and stopped at Captain Dan's Pirate Pastry Shop.  If you are ever in Lincoln City, I highly recommend visiting Captain Dan's.  The couple that run the shop are so nice, Dan actually dresses like a pirate, and the treats are delicious.
Jeremy's parents, us, his brother-in-law, sister, and their dog
We ended up buying a few more outfits for our little lady at the mall.  The prices were great, but we already have so many clothes that it's just not necessary to buy more.  It's very hard to say no to such adorable tiny things though.  I also got a great deal on a bag at the Pendleton store.  I was pretty excited about that.
Playing with Syd
We took 136 photos on our camera while we were there.  I would say 90% of them are of dogs frolicking on the beach.  They were in heaven.  I tried very hard to not go overboard showing you too many photos.
Ellie - Syd's biological sibling, she belongs to Jeremy's sister
Roxy - our beach daredevil
I hope to have more time for the blog this week, last week was insanely busy.


  1. Looks like the beach was fun, rox and syd definitely looked like they enjoyed themselves!

  2. I'm glad you had a great time! That pastry shop sounds really fun :)


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