Thursday, August 4, 2011

Little Syd vs. the belly

Last night little Syd really wanted to sit on my lap.  She doesn't fit very well anymore because of the belly so I had to sit on the floor to give her more leg space.  She seems to be confused and frustrated with my baby belly being in her way lately.
She eventually decided to embrace the belly and gave the baby a little hug.  I hope this means she is warming up to the baby already and that they will be best friends.  I just thought it was really sweet.


  1. Awh that's really sweet :)


  2. I remember having a hard time getting Oliver dressed or having him on my lap when I was pregnant with Henri. I had to get creative with getting him dressed and his shoes on! (18month olds don't sit still for diaper changes and dressed....)

  3. ahh that is just about the sweetest poor Syd still wants to be his mom's baby but can't quite make it there because of another baby

  4. Aww Syd! Does Roxy even notice a difference?

  5. what an angel she is haha that is soo cute


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