Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mama Knows Best #9 Questions...I need answers!

We ordered cloth diapers over the weekend.  I decided to go with the FuzziBunz brand based on recommendations by my friends Sara & Emily (read Sara's cloth diapering post here).  I also love the bright colors they come in and I'm pretty excited to get our rainbow of diapers in the mail.

I actually do have a couple more moms working on Mama Knows Best posts.  I finally did some recruiting, but today I thought it would be fun (and helpful) for me to ask some questions that I have been thinking about.  Most of them are related to labor and delivery.  I hope that all of you knowledgeable moms out there comment to answer some of them.

1. Did you bring music to the hospital when you gave birth?  If so, did you use it and what kind of music did you prefer?  What about movies?
2. What did you wear during labor and delivery?  I'm pretty anti-hospital gowns.  I'm not sure what would be best to bring though.
3.  How did you decide who to have in the delivery room with you?
4. Did you have a written birth plan?  If so, did you stick to it?
5. How did you go about picking a pediatrician?
6. How quickly after labor were you able to breastfeed for the first time?
7. Is there anything not on the typical "hospital bag packing list" that you wish you had brought with you?
8. Did you use an exercise ball during contractions and was it helpful?
9. Do you have any other helpful tips for labor you would like to share?

To be honest, I can't believe there is going to be a baby (one which I have been told has a large head) exiting my body in around 6 weeks.  I'm of course very excited to meet her, but the thought of going through labor is pretty frightening.


  1. Questions
    1. No Movies, but I made a playlist of worship music that I love and played it quietly in the background.
    2. I wore my favorite one piece nightie, it is flowie {is that even a word??} and lose fitting. I hate hospital gowns. I wore my own comfy socks and my own pj's. I also made 1000% sure I had some comfy clothes to wear the following 2 days we were still at the hosp.
    3 with my 6 year old, I had my mom, mom in law, dad, hubby, & cousin in the room. With my 1 year old I had my mom and hubby {and our dula}. But truthfully since we had a pain med free delivery with our second, all I wanted was my hubby. My mom was great support for my hubby though. I'm not a super modest person anyways, so with our first we just let who ever wanted to be in there, be there (but I had an epidural and was super chill), with our second I just wanted quiet. I don't think anyone wanted to be in there with me anyway! LOL
    4. We didn't have a written plan, but in our family (I'm married to Becca Hardesty's hubby's brother) when you say your going to do something, you do it and you never change your mind, so when I told my hubby when we found out we were pregnant with our 1 year old that I wanted a completely natural delivery, I knew that he'd hold me to it and he did!
    5. for our ped, we went off the reccomendation of our OB/GYN, we see our ped for well child check ups and serious illness, everything else we see our naturopath for.
    6. with our 6 year old, he was about 3 hours old. With our daughter, I demanded that we breastfeed as soon as she was born. She was maybe 5 minutes old. She nursed better and longer than my son and with much less complication.
    7. Music, food for your hubby, lotion for foot rubs, Bible, computer
    8. Yes and it was awesomely helpful and distracting. I had to focus on not falling off the ball and it helped distract me from the pain of the contractions. However, once I was about 6 cm the ball was no longer helpful. At that point I got in the bathtub, with candles for about 1 hour. It was just me in the tub and my hubby sitting on the side of the tub with his feet in the water. He didn't really talk, I didn't want him too! LOL
    9. Do you have any other helpful tips for labor you would like to share? Remember that this is your birth story, you pay the hospital, you are their boss. Be in charge stick to your guns. The pain in temporary and WILL pass. Giving birth naturally (if that is your plan) will be easier on you and baby in the long term. Demand to nurse right away and make a note for the baby's isolate that says no bottles or binkies. Only mama's boob! Don't let them scare you into medications. Don't do any vacciens at the hospital. Look into them, know what you are putting into you sweet little girls body. They don't need the Hep A or B shot until they are teens and you can tell them that you don't want them to have the goop in their eyes at birth, it impairs their ability to see you and bond. Plus it's only to prevent the spread of STD's, if you know you don't have an STD then tell them you don't want it. I promise you if you do anything against the grain they will most likely not be super supportive but this is your child and you are the best advocate your little girl has. Stick to your guns. This is clearly just my opinion, but you asked! LOL :o) Good luck, we'll be praying for a smooth delivery!

  2. BTW, we CD our kiddos and love Fuzzi Buns, I use Bum Genius Elementals. Feel free to check out my blog for some info on CD'ing.

  3. 1.No on music, yes for movies. I brought all my fav movies and the ones i always fall asleep watching.
    2. i wore the hospital gown. you have to be able to be checked easily, have easy access to your back if you end up getting an epidural, and easy access to your belly for the monitor. I did bring a robe to wear over my gown while walking the halls. also there is lots of gross body fluids...EIW.
    3. I'm pretty modest so I only wanted my hubby. Though I ended up with a c-section for both.
    4. No i didn't. I felt like going with the punches and letting nature take it's course.
    5. I'm bad, I looked at the pics on the kaiser sight. We met her and LOVE her! Dr. Christine Chen at Rockwood. She is amazing.
    6. With Oliver as soon as we were in our room. With Henri As soon as I was wheeled into recovery, so about 30 mins after delivery.
    7. Heating pad for back pain.
    8. No, i did use the tub a lot to soak my back.
    9. Since I never completed a labor, I don't know what advice to give. It's so different for each person and you won't know your pain threshold until you get in it. I was induced with Oliver so the pitocin dramatically intensifies the pain. I would just advise that you go with your gut, you know best for your peace of mind and well being.

  4. 6 weeks! Oh my goodness gracious:-) So incredibly exciting, and surreal I'm sure! P.S. I pretty much have these same questions too! Score! xoxo

  5. 1) I brought my own music and movies for later on, because I hate being in the hospital. I feel like a caged animal. During labor I didn't want anything that I had to think about or couldn't ignore in a heartbeat. Honestly? I watched a huge marathon of Say Yes To The Dress while waiting for inducement drugs to fully kick in. I took a photo of Riley though and had someone put it up high where I could see it. It was a good thing to focus on if I started to lose it - the end prize! :)
    2) During L&D I wore a hospital gown. I hate them, but you seriously misunderestimate how much that gown will be open if you think that you'll be able to wear anything that's not at least very similar in shape. I know it's hard to imagine but your patience for clothes runs out very quickly during labor and you probably won't give a flying crap what you're wearing. As soon as I was out of L&D and could, I took a shower and put on my own giant hoodie and some pj pants that I didn't care about. There's a lot of bodily fluids flying around. Your clothes will not be the same afterwards. Keep that in mind.
    3) Real simple rule : who has seen my privates as an adult? Just the husband - problem solved.
    4)No, I did not have a written plan. I think until you go through labor and know how it will be for you, it might be a nice thing to have so that you're actually thinking through what you want and not getting bullied into something else but you can NOT beat yourself up if you have to deviate from it. 'Estimate' is maybe a better title than 'plan'...
    5) Insurance restrictions. Ehh.
    6) Within minutes they let you try at Salem. Milk usually comes in in the next couple of days though. ...Which can hurt.
    7) I think for creative people it's important to have something to engage your mind for the day or two following, even if it feels like you have no mind left to engage. It can also be a good distration before you get too into labor to have a sketch pad or something around.
    8) Hells yes. Ball + pushing on the small of your back during contractions = heaven like break.
    9) Don't be scared. Read/invest in knowledge and know what you want but don't assume you have it all figured out because everyone's experience is different and there are some things you don't 'get' until you go through it. Remind yourself that thousands of women do this all over the world every day and they survive and thrive so you can too. Don't panic...
    - Tab

  6. 1. I brought music but never played it during the entire LONG labor and delivery. I just completely forgot I had it!
    2. I'm also not a fan of hospital gowns. I ended up buying a clearance nightgown and cut up the middle and then attached ties to it so that I could easily get it off when the baby was born so I could put him on my belly. I got lots of complements on the gown!
    3. I wanted just my hubby... it was sort of an easy decision since all my family lives far away.
    4. I had a very comprehensive birth plan and my doctors and nurses read it and continually referred to it during the process.. but, basically everything ended up getting thrown out the window due to unforseen circumstances. And, I don't regret it for one moment. I felt prepared going in, taken care of during the process and ended up with a great birth experience.
    5. I just let my HMO pick mine for me... and, I love her. I figure that if I didn't like him/her at the two week appointment then I could change before the bigger appointments came along.
    6. I was able to breastfeed approximately 15-30 minutes after giving birth (I think, time sorta stopped for a moment.) But, of course, it was all colostrum and my milk didn't come in for two or three days.
    7. I had everything I needed and more. I probably brought too much... but, I have to say that I was so glad I brought small gifts for the nurses (they LOVED them) and that I brought mints for me to suck on during the labor.
    8. I used everything during the contractions... changing things up helped me the most. The ball was great during part of it, the toilet was actually surprisingly useful for the contractions and the shower was DIVINE!
    9. REST, REST and REST some more between contractions during the early stages of labor. I thought it would be better to clean house and take walks so I could help things "progress," but while that is great to do DURING contractions to distract and give the cervix the help of gravity... between contractions I should have been resting (or sleeping if possible). My labor ended up being 45 hours and my body basically GAVE up. My midwife ordered me to have an epidural around the 43rd hour so that I could rest enough to be able to push. I had taken 10 hours to progress from a 6 to a 9 and then I wasn't going anywhere. After the epidural my body was able to relax and baby came soon after. My midwife said that I should have rested so that I didn't wear my body out. (of course... that was after praising me for doing 43 hours without pain meds!)

    Good luck.... and while it is understandable that you are worried just remember that your body was built for this and you will have a beautiful baby in the end. Oh, and while I remember being in pain during labor I don't remember what the pain actually felt like...all that is a distant memory!


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