Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mama Knows Best Recap and...I am Terrible.

Hi friends,
So this is week #3 of me being too lazy to line up moms to post their Mama Knows Best musings.  Instead of pretending like this feature doesn't exist on my blog, I decided to do a recap highlighting all of the past posts.  They are all great reads and have been extremely informative.  If you see a topic below that you are interested in and missed it the first time, please check them out!
#1 Consignment - Becca from Life @ 1521
#2 Sage Advice - Emily from Homemade Lovely
#3 Breastfeeding - Melissa from
#4 Sleep - Nicole from Adventures, Memories, and Love
#5 Home Birth - Jessi from Sparrows and Arrows
#6 Cloth Diapering - Sara from Life on Oak St.
#7 The Amazing Boppy (plus bonus photos of my adorable niece) - Kara, my sister
#8 Things You Don't Need to Register For - Becca from Life @ 1521

Moms - Contact me if you want to cover a topic that hasn't been written about yet.  I would love your participation!  Also, I think it would be fun to do one or two posts on pregnancy so if you are currently pregnant or have been recently I would love to hear your take on that topic as well.

Sorry I have totally dropped the ball on this one.  I know people like reading them every week.  Apparently I am just a really lazy recruiter.



  1. ...and I promised you another one but dropped the ball. All this house stuff happened so fast then we moved and your shower is this weekend...WHERE HAS TIME GONE?! I have an idea for a post later on though. Things should be settled down by then :)

  2. PS I like the new look and I'm jealous of your font.

  3. I love this series! But, don't feel bad about not continually getting posters... that is hard work and you do have a full-time job and a baby growing inside you! :) I'd love to see a little something from you as well in this series!


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