Monday, September 19, 2011

Baby Shower #3 - are you tired of shower posts yet?

I am blessed to have so many amazing family, friends, and co-workers!  I know most people have one baby shower.  Somehow I ended up with four.  On Friday we had my baby shower at work.
Karen made amazing cupcakes (lemon, vanilla, and chocolate w/ chocolate cream cheese frosting).  She also commissioned her super crafty mom to make a banner for little Pearl.  We will put it up in the hospital room when she is born.
Melissa made us the most adorable bunny and onesie.

A lot of people went in together on gifts.  We got a car seat base for our second car, tons of baby books, a beautiful blanket, and I received a really fun book full of patterns for baby clothes from my friend Roxy.
Thanks to everyone who came to wish me well on this new journey.  I will miss you all while I am on maternity leave, but Pearl and I will come visit!



  1. What a lucky lady you are! I can't wait to meet Pearl!

  2. how great to have so many people in your life who want to celebrate with you! Love the banner and the adorable bunny and onesie!

  3. That ruffle onesie is SO cute! How wonderful that you've gotten to have so many baby showers!

  4. What creative people you work with! The decorations and bunny are totally adorable! Enjoy your nesting time at home before little Pearl arrives :)

  5. you are one loved momma kira for all these baby showers!! i have loved each and every one of them so cute and unique! definitely not tired of them at all :-)

  6. those cupcakes are adorb! I love the pink and yellow color scheme : )


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