Saturday, September 10, 2011

For My Friend on His Birthday

 I was blessed to call one of the most amazing people my dear friend.  He left this world in November of 2008, but he is still with me and so many of us today.  If you didn't know him, I wish you had.  My friend would have blown you away with his love for others.  You would have been impressed by his passion for humanity.  He would have called you a friend the second he met you and he would have meant it.

His name is Sokhak, and he would be 28 today.

If you haven't yet read about my beautiful friend, please do here.



  1. Happy birthday sokhak!

  2. How incredibly sad. It's so hard when people who influence everyone around them to be better and happier aren't here for very long. Thankfully, their spirit is here for much much longer through the people that they inspired.

    Happy birthday Sokhak!


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