Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Her Nose

 My nose? Photo credit.
We had an ultrasound today.  It is a little hard to get good shots of our little gal at this point because she is so big now, but we did see a nice profile view.  It was determined that she has Jeremy's nose.  We know it's not my nose because as someone (not naming names) pointed out, "It's not pointy like Lois Griffin's nose."  Whether I have a cartoon nose or not isn't the point though, our little girl had a very cute little nose. 


  1. haha so funny, you have a very cute nose as well, but I can't wait until we get to see her nose, I am so excited!!!

  2. haha! that's awesome. i think you have a perfectly lovely nose, but i'm sure hers will be's just that everything is cuter in miniature :).

  3. That is so fun that you got to see specific features! How exciting!


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