Thursday, February 2, 2012

Baby Style #3

I know about 95% of my posts are now about Pearl.  I hope you don't mind.

Here are a few of her outfits from the past week.
Pearl wore this on Friday while we had sushi for lunch with my friend Dara in NW Portland.  She also wore it on her first trip to the mall and to a birthday party that night.  Busy day for the baby.  My mom will be especially happy that this outfit actually matches.
 Shirt: Just One You by Carter's, Sweater: H&M, Leggings: Just One You by Carter's, Shoes: The Children's Place
This is an outfit Pearl wore at home over the weekend.
Onesie: Target, Leg Warmers: gift made from adult socks
She wore this for about half an hour on Tuesday before she spit up all over it.  Oh, babies.
Overalls: Carter's handed down from cousin Maleah, Onesie: Target, Hat: gift
If you want to see the first two of Pearl's outfit posts, you can find them here.


  1. I LOVE how you dress her! SO fun! I also LOVE baby leg warmers. Some people like to give me a hard time for putting them on a boy...but to those people...well, I say nothing...but I think a lot of vulgarities in my head! ;-)

  2. Adorable, I am glad she is getting use out of the leg warmers, and the last outfit brings back memories of maleah, looks so cute on Pearly. I am sad we don't get to come visit this weekend, but we plan to next.

  3. So, so, SOOOO cute. I love these posts. I love her outfits! I was so inspired by your posts that I had to do a boy version over at my blog. I hope you take it as the highest form of flattery and I promise to link your posts!

  4. She is such a sweetheart cutie-pie! and I totally put baby leg warmers on the Bean. Little boys need warm legs too:-) xoxo

  5. Beautiful little fashionista! Love it! The legwarmers are the best! My babe wears them all the time (who says boys can't rock leg warmers anyway? ;)

    Andrea xoxo

  6. Pearl has the BEST cheeks!! Love it!

  7. Ummmm, can I borrow her striped flower top??? I love it!

    xo, vanessa (the gal)

  8. 95% of your posts? It's how it should be.

  9. Such a stylish little baby. Keep up the Pearl posts...she's the best. :) The first outfit is my favorite (aah! the shoes!!), but they are all ADORABLE!

  10. Oh my gosh, these are so cute! I especially love the last look!

  11. oh my gosh how cute is Pearl?!? I love those two outfits - they do match perfectly! She is such a cutie!!

  12. She is just the cutest dressed baby ever!! DARLING little one.


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