Thursday, February 9, 2012

Baby Style #4

Today I am working from home during Pearl's nap and play times.  I am posting this during "holding baby time."  Not super easy.  So, I'm only posting one outfit today.

Pearl wore this little number last Wednesday out to brunch with my friend Roxy at Mother's Bistro.
Sweater Dress: Carter's, Sweater: H&M, Leggings: H&M, Boots: Handed down from cousin Maleah
Find the rest of Pearl's outfits here.

Also don't forget to enter my giveaway for this adorable little doll.  It is open through Friday evening.


  1. oh my. the mere mention of mother's bistro has me is a pool of drool dreaming about their breakfast nachos. pearl is as cute as ever and her outfits never disappoint!

  2. ahhh...those boots!! She is so freaking cute! When we get together (hopefully soon) we'll have to do a baby style photo session with both babies! By the by.. I'll be responding to that e-mail today!

  3. Just look these little clothes! :)
    My favorites are the dress and these boots! Leggings, too. So cute!!

  4. oh baby boooooots! are they little UGGS? Call me crazy, but when Josiah gets a little older, I might have to splurge and get him a pair of baby Frye boots. poor poor Daniel thought he was safe from my stylist-wannabe ways, with a boy, hehe.

    P.S. And while it's on my mind, to answer you question: No, we haven't taken him to a Blazers game yet! We want to test it out sometime though, get cheap seats to a game we won't mind leaving early if need be.

  5. Oh, my gosh, Kira! Pearl is so adorable! And she has a great sense of style...;)

  6. Oh that Pearl! What a cute little thing! Good job on styling, momma!

  7. Love tht little were meant to have a girl Kira!

  8. Looove that sweater dress! You should do a little write up on where each piece of her clothing comes from with these posts! :)

  9. What a cutie pie baby girl!! I have a first grand-baby - a beautiful little girl names Soleil who is 9 months old now! WHERE do you get all these adorable clothes?? Did you make them?? OK - I'm going to have to investigate more on your posts here! :-) One of your newest followers now! Happy Sunday!


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