Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Last Day

I worked my last day at Columbia Sportswear on Friday.  I have worked there for about 4 1/2 great years.  It was definitely a bittersweet situation.  I really loved the work I was doing.  I have grown so much as a designer since starting there.  I also had fantastic co-workers.  It felt so strange to leave.  To be honest, I really didn't want to.  After having Pearl though, I knew that 50 hours a week away from her wasn't going to work anyway.  I'm still sad about the whole situation, but I'm glad I get to spend more time with Pearl.

My last day was a great day though.
My friend Karen made me cookies.  I ate five.
Trust me, the cookies were a lot better than they look in this photo.
After eating all of those cookies, a group of ladies surprised me with a going away breakfast and a sweet card.
Then I had lunch with our creative director.
Lots of food generally makes for a good day in my book.
I actually did some work, too.
After my work was done, I handed off my glass head to the new accessories designer.  The head is filled with faux fur.  He was kind of a conversation piece at my desk.  I will miss him.
Other things I will miss:
1. The opportunity to be creative every day and the feeling that I am contributing to something really special.
2. Seeing the work I have done being worn on the street or in print.
3. Going through samples for the first time each season and getting to see the line completed.
3. My amazing co-workers.
4. The MacBook Pro and super sweet giant monitor.
5. Adobe CS5 (I have CS2 at home, it feels super ancient to me) 
6. Free bagel and donut day.
7. Sand volleyball and barbecues in the summer.
8. Business trips

Things I will not miss so much:
1. The commute
 2. Pumping in the bathroom. 
 3. Missing my baby
It's hard leaving something so good.  But, getting to spend more time with my little sweetie right now is totally worth it.


  1. Hold the phone. You worked for Columbia? As a Designer?!?! Holy freaking awesomeness! I love Columbia stuff! That is so flippin' cool! But way to make the right decision for you and the babe and stay home. I'm sure that's a super hard decision!

  2. Aww...I know your feeling of bitter sweetness, and boy do I miss free bagel and donut day! And we definitely need to find another outlet for our volleyball fix. (after I am done being pregnant of course). You are always going to be part of something special because you are YOU! Are you going to try and freelance for other companies in town?

  3. i tried working part time from home when mikaela was first born. it lasted until she was six months, but in the end, trying to be a sahm whilst cramming a nine to five in just wasn't working. it was hard to admit that i couldn't do it all, but we were all so much happier when i finally did. enjoy your time with your sweet girl!

  4. I am so proud of you. Seriously. For being a kick-ass designer, for not being afraid of challenges, for following your heart in everything you do but not letting your mind be neglected. It's so good to see you as a mom - even if it's just in cyber world. It is weird and different and changes you but it's... great at the same time. I love you and you will always be one of my favorite people in the whole big fat world.
    Love, Tab
    PS I have been wanting to say this for a while but ... HOLY CRAP WEASEL does that gorgeous girl look just like Jeremy! :)

  5. Tough decision, but in the end there is really no other answer than doing what is best for you and your family. I have no doubt you will put your creative expertise to good use in life everyday.

  6. I miss you!! I'm glad you get to play with Pearl more though. Maybe something part time will come back around! <3
    Also, I'm glad you liked the cookies. :)

  7. Awww that's gotta be tough. Bittersweet, for sure. You're amazing, mama! I'm sure you will be very missed at your workplace, but the rewards of being able to stay home with your sweet babe will far outweigh that. Hope it's a smooth transition! xoxo

  8. I'm sure it was so tough leaving Kira...but it's amazing that you got to have a great job that you LOVED for 4.5 years! That's pretty unheard's also amazing that you even get the choice of whether to stay home or not. Maybe once she is in preschool you can do a little part-timing...but in the meantime enjoy your sweet Pearl (they really do grow up too fast)!

  9. Congrats on this new chapter of your life even though it is always hard to leave something behind. I'm sure Pearl will be so happy to have you at home! :)

  10. It seems like a hard decision, but the right one.
    Enjoy your time with your baby girl!!

  11. Always a bittersweet decision. But your baby girl is BEAUTIFUL! Love your blog. newest follower!

  12. Aw, definitely bittersweet. That glass head is pretty funny, reminds me of a few calls we got about the fur burning off cause they put it in the dryer. haha. :)

  13. sad, but oh so worth it! and....extra bonus....mama/baby dates with fern and i :).

  14. I had to make that choice to w3hen Lily was born it was scary but ended up being the best decision ever!


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