Friday, February 10, 2012

Yay Friday!

Our little family is kind of a big deal.  We are just all over the internet today.

Check out my guest post about our sweet dogs at The Smitten Mintons.
Pearl and the dogs make a cameo appearance in Lauren's post at Baby's First Year on Babble.
And, then there is of course my street style photo.

Also, this is the last day to enter the Dollface Girl giveaway so do it!


  1. You're famous!!! Very cool, I'll have to check your fancy family out.

  2. Girl. You are such a superstar lately. :) Love it! Hope you have a happy weekend!! xo

  3. Looking pretty fancy in your street style pics! Or should u say pretty and fancy? Yes, pretty and fancy it is.

  4. And by should u say, I really mean should I say. Darn phone.

  5. yay for being famous!! oh...and PS - you look super awesome in your street style pic :).

  6. Very cool! And you do look fabulous.


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