Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Baby Style #7

Two of Pearl's more recent outfits...
Pearl wore this on a play date with Becca, Lauren, Bonnie, and their little ones last Thursday.
Shirt: Target, Shorts: Target, Leggings: Baby Legs, Hat: Columbia Sportswear
She wore this out to birthday dinner for her aunt Carolyn over the weekend.
Shirt: H&M, Skirt: Target, Leggings: Baby Legs

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  1. oh she's a doll. i love that smile thru the pacifier LOL

  2. she looks delicious on that hat!!

  3. oh I bet you just have a blast dressing her up:-) I have to agree with Niki, she's such a DOLL! I'm still laughing about those little grunts and roars she makes:-) xoxo

  4. She is so cute! I feel like she is getting chubbier?? Which is uber cute!!! I love her outfits! I can't wait to find out our baby's gender so that I can start shopping for cute baby clothes!!

  5. So cute! Loooove the baby legs!

  6. Oh the leggings...they are too cute on those cute little legs! She's a doll!

  7. She is just too adorable... I love the way you dress her! Baby leggings are so amazing, aren't they? I have a baby style post (coming soon) dedicated to them!

  8. Oh my, she is cute!! Again!! And again! Just look those leggings! :)
    Good job, mama! ;)

  9. I love the pattern mixing! Pearl is lucky to have a mama with such a good idea for design and color. No doubt she's going to grow up with super creativity!


  10. yay! pearl and fern both have skirts now! so cute on her :).

  11. The hat is Columbia? I was going to ask if you made knit hats like - I need some for Joshua! She is so adorable, Kira! Miss you!

    1. Yep Wendi, F12...they should be available now although I have no idea at what retailers.


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