Monday, March 5, 2012

Black and White for Baby

Based on the way I dress Pearl, you can probably tell I like color.
But, one thing I have notice the last couple of months is that Pearl is very interested in high contrast.  Black and white artwork gets her every time.  She will just sit there and stare at it.  Since she loves her black and white stuff so much I assume many other babies would as well.  I thought I would share some of Pearl's favorite items...
I was sold on this book the second I saw it.  I love learning about different artists.  I actually used to read one of my art textbooks for fun in college.  I also appreciated that Keith Haring's Radiant Baby was on the front cover.  In high school, I used to do Keith Haring style doodles on my notebooks in class.  His work has a special place in my heart.  Anyway, Pearl doesn't care about any of that.  All of the artwork in the book is black and white.  She just loves looking at the fun pictures.
The illustrations in these are great, Pearl is definitely a fan.  I like how they are mostly black and white, but have the occasional metallic pop of color.
These are Pearl's absolute favorite.  I highly recommend them.  I have them strategically placed around the nursery in locations where Pearl will often look.  There are some by the crib and two on the wall next to the changing table.  She grabs for them while I change her and has been known to pull one off the wall on occasion.  They are currently one of Pearl's favorite things in the world.  Like top 5 (after mom, dad, her dogs, and her mobile of course).


  1. great things!
    those cards are so cute!!

  2. SO cute!!! loving the little bumble bee!

    xxo, vanessa (the gal)

  3. Thanks for sharing- I will probably be getting those cards for Holden's Easter basket! ;)

  4. I love these!! I wonder if I could get away with a black and white nursery with pops of colors - like the bumble bee card...hmmm

  5. funny. my boys always loved Red and really bright colors.

  6. love these! fern is the same way already. i got an app on my phone called "baby symbol" and it's just a slow moving slide show of high contrast black and white images (like in the "art for baby" book) and each symbol has a sound. She really likes it. I bet they have it for your phone too...or something similar anyway. it's a good distraction when we're out and she's grumpy!

  7. when my kids were babies I had those red, white, black paintings and murals in their rooms. they seemed to love it. gave me a headache LOL. love the name pearl btw ;)

  8. This is so cute :) Pearl sounds like such an interesting little thing to be around!

    I've passed your link on to a couple of mommy bloggers I'm friends with, I hope you don't mind!

    Charlotte xx

    (Psst.. have you entered my giveaway?


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