Thursday, March 1, 2012

Button Swap

When I re-designed my blog, I removed most of the stuff cluttering up my sidebar.  I was thinking about trying something new on the blog this month now that I have more space.

I will display the blog button on my sidebar this month for the first four people who e-mail me (  
I would love it if those people would also display my button on theirs as well.

The grab box is located on my sidebar (there are two sizes).

If I have more than four people e-mail me, I will start a list for next month.
If I have less than four people...I will feel pretty lame, but I will get over it :)

**Update - My spots are full for March!**


  1. I was thinking about doing the same on my blog! :)

  2. Darn it! Would have loved to swap!

  3. I am the one who feels lame, I don't even know how a button works. Oh well. Good luck with the swaps.

  4. Kira I will take your don't even need to take mine! :)

  5. I love your redesign, it's absolutely gorgeous!

  6. The re-design looks really nice! Simple and clean, just the way that I like things :) Your new header is so cute! And perfect for Oregon.

  7. I would love to swap with your sometime! Let me know when you have room :)

  8. I added it to the blog love page of our blog :)


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