Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Baby Style #9

See the two ways Pearl recently wore the same top...
She wore this combo around the house one day last week.
Shirt: Carter's, Leg warmers: gift made from adult socks, Diaper: FuzziBunz
Pearl wore this outfit to a party to celebrate some family birthdays.  She was really feeling pastels that day.
Shirt: Carter's, Leggings: Carter's, Sweater: Carter's, Bib: made by me
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  1. Great! I love the "Style Mixology" posts over at A Beautiful Mess... this is like the ultimate baby version which is great because who wants to spend a ton of money on clothes the kiddos will grow out of and only get to wear once!?

  2. Those floral baby leggings are amazing! You rock them, Pearl! xoxo

  3. GAH! I love your baby outfit posts!
    again{and again} Pearl is precious!

  4. Love your 'Baby Style' posts!
    Love these outfits!
    She is adorable!

  5. I love the stripes with florals!

  6. Perl is just the sweetest little thing! I love her leg warmers :] Both looks are adorable. I can't wait to dress up a little one of my own.


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