Monday, April 23, 2012

Family Hike

The weather was absolutely gorgeous this weekend.  We decided to get out and enjoy the sun yesterday morning with a little family hike up to Powell Butte.  Jeremy and I used to go up there all the time, but I haven't been since Pearl was born and neither have the dogs.  The dogs were both extremely excited.  Here are a few photos from our adventure...
The beautiful scenery
Syd leading the way
Pearl in the Ergo, obviously being carried by her manly daddy.
I hope you had a sun filled weekend as well!

**Also, I just found out that Pearl's room is on Apartment Therapy today!  See it here!


  1. a family hike is a great activity to do kira. and you are right the scenery was beautiful. pearl looks so cute in the Ergo

  2. That looks so pretty! Hikes in Idaho are all sagebrush and no shade. Jealous!

    I think we're going to try to pass through Portland on the way to Sasquatch in May. I'll let you know!

  3. I love a good hike!! One of my favorite things to do!!

  4. So much fun!! How beautiful! (and i like how you clarified that it was your hubby with the hairy chest carrying Pearl, not you ;) haha!) xoxo

  5. Hooray for beautiful days!! I've been giggling over the chest hair since I saw this on IG. That Pearl is a good sport. ;)

  6. Looks like you had a great trip into the great outdoors! We had a rainy weekend so I didn't get outside much :( of course today (monday) is all sunny!

  7. beautiful pics. looks like a great time!

  8. Way cool about the apartment therapy feature!!

    I'm beyond grateful for the weather. Man, it's been awesome hasn't it?! #pleasestayforever

  9. Thank goodness for beautiful weather! Your hike looks perfect.

  10. I love this kind of days!!

    p.s. - You were asking on my blog, what a balance bike is. So… A balance bike doesn't have pedals and it is actually very simple bike. A child sits and pushes the ground with his/her feet to scoot along. And this kind of bike is supposed to teach BALANCE, coordination and steering.
    I think Pearl would love to have one in about two years. ;)

  11. Yeah for spring weather!
    It looks so relaxing.

    Happy Monday,

  12. Yay for the feature on Apartment Therapy!
    Love your weekend pictures and yay for good weather!!

  13. ...the scenery I mean, NOT Jeremy's chest!

    1. Haha, Jeremy will be disappointed :)

  14. gorgeous weekend! hopefully a sign of good summer days to come:-) xoxo

  15. That really looks stunning! I love a hairy chest too!Rx


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